2018 Intel NUC Models

It seems that Intel is pumping out three different variations of the Intel NUC during the year 2018. A report by CNX Software included the roadmap that includes the following three NUC families:

  • June Canyon, Celeron and Pentium NUCs based on Gemini Lake – around New Year
  • Hades Canyon, Skull Canyon replacement based on Kaby Lake-H – around Q2 2018
  • Bean Canyon, next “normal” Core i3, i5 and i7 NUCs based on Coffee Lake-U – around Q3 2018

June Canyon

The June Canyon is the new low cost NUC. NUC7CJYH (Celeron J4005, 2.7GHz dual-core, 10W) and NUC7PJYH (Pentium J5005, 2.8GHz quad-core, 10W) both feature 2 HDMI 2.0a ports, 2xDDR4L-2400 memory slots (max. 8GB) and an M2.SSD slot and an SDXC slot. The Celeron model will be available first and should be coming before the end of the year and the Pentium version will be released in January.

Hades Canyon

Hades Canyon will be something different. It’s coming in two versions (NUCxi7HNK and NUCxi7HVK where x is probably 8) where the other one is dubbed as Hades Canyon VR. Quad core Intel Kaby Lake-H CPUs with a TDP of 65W (non-VR) or 100W (VR version). The roadmap also states dGFX for discrete graphics! That might include the high TDP mentioned, as the Kaby Lake-H CPUs only have TDPs between 25 and 45 watts. The form factor will likely be all new and both NUCs feature double M.2 SSD slots and double Thunderbolt 3 ports supporting a maximum of 6 displays. It looks like we can expect the Hades Canyon to be available in the Spring aorund Q2.

Bean Canyon

The Bean Canyon is probably the least surprising of the bunch. It’s the core i3, i5 and i7 NUC of 2018. It will replace the Baby Canyon NUC (Kaby Lake) and the specifications look very similar to the previous generation. Of course the Kaby Lake SoC has been replaced with the Coffee Lake-U SoC. The HDMI port is now of 2.0a variety and the TDP of all of these has been pushed up to 28W. Available on the second half of 2018. Models are called NUC8i3BEH/K, NUC8i5BEH/K and NUC8i7BEH/K.

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  1. Tommi says:

    There is a very high chance, that next NUCs (Gemini Lake) are released with HD 6xx series, this is because:

    10-bit VP9 Codec (aka profile 2 + VP9 encoding, Gen9.5 bring support for both)
    eDP 1.4 (instead of current eDP 1.3, Gen9.5 HD 6xx bring support for eDP 1.4)

    There are other changes also, including DDR4 (instead of DDR3) + HDMI 2.0 (instead of HDMI 1.4) + Built-in WiFi + Bluetooth (no 3rd party needed), 4Mb L2 cache and 4-Wide pipeline (instant 10-15% boost to performance)

    And I really hope Akasa will release fanless cases for upcoming June Canyon NUCs, same as for J3455 NUC (they share same 10W)

  2. Matt says:

    Proper HDMI 2.0a for June Canyon? Or still the display port shenanigans of the Kaby Lake NUCs?

  3. Jam says:

    Pictures is very low quality.

  4. Jon says:

    Let’s hope these will be able to properly display 4K at 60 hz. The current NUCs have massive problems with this; there is a huge thread over at Intel’s support forums.

  5. Pac says:

    Bean Canyon will use more power than current NUCs? 🙁

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