Let NUC Guru Help You Build Your Own NUC!

What kind of memory I need for my NUC, will this SSD drive work fine in a NUC7i3BNK, can I install a conventional hard disk drive in the Apollo Lake NUC? The NUC Guru will take out all the guesswork and answer questions like this. You will get a complete shopping list that includes all the necessary components.

NUC Guru will help you to choose components for your NUC that are known to work together. You choose what kind of components you want, the NUC configurator will validate your choices, verify the compatibility and give you a convenient link which gives you the possibility to order your NUC online easily from Amazon or source the components elsewhere if you prefer.

When you receive your NUC and the components, you can then assemble it according to the easy instructions supplied with the NUC or you might want to watch these helpful YouTube videos (How to Setup the Intel NUC: Complete Guide and How to setup the Braswell NUC (NUC5CPYH or NUC5PPYH)) to see how it's done. The installation is very similar regardless of the type of the NUC.

NUC Guru will take the guesswork out of the NUC ordering. For example, the NUC is known to be a bit picky when it comes to the memory modules. The guru will only choose known good memory chips, so you don't have to spend time comparing the product numbers and trying to find out if that chip works or not. The tool will select good quality components while still keeping the value very much in mind.



Utmost care has been taken to make The NUC Guru only give you options that will work together. However, I cannot guarantee that this is the case always. Please have a look at the shopping list carefully before making a purchase.