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The Skull Canyon NUC is Here!

EDIT: Read the full review here. I’ve finally received the NUC6i7KYK which many know better as the Skull Canyon NUC. Many consider this as the most interesting NUC release in years. Intel has said...


BIOS Version 0039 for Skylake NUCs

Intel has released BIOS version 39 for the slightly troubled Skylake NUCs. Quiet a significant amount of changes according to the release notes. As usual, recommended update method is: Copy the SY0039.BIO file to...


Braswell NUC is soon here!

EDIT: Braswell NUCs are already here and we have posted reviews of both models: Celeron-based NUC5CPYH and Pentium-based NUC5PPYH! Intel has released the Braswell NUCs and they’re about to start shipping soon. Braswell is...