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WHEA Error 80

Skylake i3 and i5 NUC WHEA Errors

During the last couple of months there has been an unsettling amount of reports that Skylake NUCs have stopped working properly. Intel even pulled one BIOS update, the BIOS version 33 is not available...

BIOS1 25

BIOS Version 0039 for Skylake NUCs

Intel has released BIOS version 39 for the slightly troubled Skylake NUCs. Quiet a significant amount of changes according to the release notes. As usual, recommended update method is: Copy the SY0039.BIO file to...

Skylake NUC Front 21

Intel Releases Skylake NUC BIOS Version 36

Quite a few people faced issues with the BIOS version 33 on their Skylake NUCs. Eventually version 33 was even pulled from Intel’s download center. There were reports of NUCs even frying themselves after...