Firmware 25 released for the Haswell NUCs

Owners of D34010WYK(H) and D54240WYK(H) have now the possibility to install BIOS version 25. Download here.

New Fixes/Features:

  • Improved EFI variable protection for Setup variable
  • Fixed issue where UEFI operating system fails to install
  • Updated Visual BIOS to version 2.2.4
  • Updated message when no bootable device is found

Changes seem to be rather minor and I noticed many people still have problems booting from an USB 3.0 device. I’ve updated and have seen not much change other than Visual BIOS looking a bit different.

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  1. Anders M. says:

    New BIOS version 0028 for NUC Dn2820fykh released as well.

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