BIOS version 0034 for Bay Trail NUC DN2820FYKH released

Intel has released a new BIOS version for Bay Trail NUC DN2820FYKH. List of fixes is quite a long one and there’s a special mention for USB2/3 compatibility issues that many people have been complaining about. It remains to be seen if they’re finally done with this release. Download your BIOS from Intel’s download center.

According to the release notes the following issues have been corrected:

  • Fixed issue where fan speed, temperature, and voltage are not reported in BIOS after modifying duty cycles.
  • Fixed issue with BIOS password lengths.
  • Fixed Intel ME disable issue.
  • Updated GOP and VBIOS.
  • Fixed issue where SMBIOS values cannot be set with Intel® Integrator Toolkit.
  • Fixed issue where .BMP splash logo files do not display.
  • Fixed issue where TXE test fails.
  • Fixed issue where system will not boot if PXE Boot is the first boot device.
  • Fixed issue with Wake on USB from S4/S5.
  • Fixed issue where no error beeps or blinks occur when no memory modules are installed.
  • Fixed issue where Intel wireless adapters lose connectivity.
  • Fixed issue with USB3/2 compatibility.

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