Haswell NUCs get a new BIOS version (0026)

Intel has released a new BIOS version for Haswell NUCs (that is models D54250WYK, D54250WYKH, D54250WYB, D34010WYK, D34010WYKH and D34010WYB). The version 0026 supposedly fixes the automatic restart after shutdown even if Wake-On-LAN (WOL) is enabled.

According to the release notes, the following fixes have been implemented:

  • Fixed issue where pressing F2 to access BIOS does not work when connected to certain 4K monitor.
  • Updated Integrated Graphics
  • Fixed issue where Intel wireless adapters lose connectivity.
  • Fixed issue where systems restarts instead of shutting down with Linux.

Download the update from Intel Download Center.

In general it seems that the list of fixes per BIOS release is getting shorter and shorter for the Haswell NUCs. Mine has been working very well, but there a number of users who have complained of various strange issues. Maybe we can interpret this as a sign of improved stability of the i3 and i5 NUCs. At least several users have confirmed that the restart after shutting down in Linux issue is now fixed.

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  1. Aage Vaksdal says:

    It seems to finally have fixed the long lasting problem of losing wi-fi connectivity with my INTEL Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 pci express network card. None of the countless driver updates have helped, but after a few days without hickups, I think this bios update did the trick.

  2. OT says:

    Thanks Aage for the report. I’ve updated as well, but have not noticed any change in my use. Seems to work ok.

  3. Mr. Mucha says:

    My NUC 54250 started to overheat after this BIOS update 0026, I am using Tranquil-PC latest model fanless case and never had any problems until this update. It usually idles at 42 degrees, but can heat up to 60 when AV is running on the background.

    It is the second day I’m with 0026 BIOS update and NUC’s temperature is 90 degrees celcius even when idle. System feels sluggish and case is pipping hot. CPU frequency is 700-800MHz and it’s only 2-3% busy, but temperature is not decreasing.

    Just in case its the termo-paste I have replaced it just now and booted my NUC again. In just 5 minutes it’s temperature is 90 degrees again…

    So, this Update is proved to be harmful for my fanless system. Hey, Intel guys, fix it ASAP!

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