New Beta Version BIOS for Haswell NUCs

Intel has released a beta version of a new BIOS firmware for Haswell NUCs. If you’re feeling adventurous, download the latest BIOS from Intel’s Download Center. This works only on Haswell models (D34010WYK and D54250WYK), so don’t try to do this if you run a Bay Trail or Ivy Bridge NUC.

According to Intel, this BIOS version will resolve a shutdown problem in Linux installations. Some user reports confirm that it’s not any more necessary to disable the Wake On LAN feature to make the shutdown/suspend work normally.

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  1. yes, I can confirm you don’t need to disable the WOL in the bios with this version of the
    bios. My hardware acceleration seems to work with mpeg2 files, before I had to turn it off or got green artifacts on the screen.

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