New Beta BIOS for Haswell NUCs fixes problems with Xbox remote

There’s a new beta version BIOS for Haswell NUCs (D34010WYK and D54250WYK) that is supposed to fix the issue with Xbox Media remote controllers and OpenELEC. If you’re having issues with those, it’s worth checking out the update at Intel Download Center.

Intel says:

  • Purpose This download record provides a test BIOS version (beta) for the Intel® NUC Kits D54250WYK, D34010WYK and Boards D54250WYB, D34010WYB. It fixes the issue where XBOX* Media Remotes will not wake the system if OpenElec is installed.

    Use the F7 Update method to install this BIOS update.

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  1. Ontige says:

    Waking up the nuc with the MCRE works with the bios when “Deep S4/S5” in the bios is disabled. Be adviced: The nuc wakes up and boots normaly but without displaying anything. Even Restarting or powering up the ordinary way doesn`t bring the display back. The solution was to pull the powersupply. Afterwards the system boots up normaly.

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