New NUCs are coming around New Year

FanlessTech has released interesting news regarding upcoming Intel NUC line up. At the moment they’re based on leaks, but they seem credible.

All new NUCs feature 4 external USB 3.0 ports, 2 internal USB 2.0 headers, LAN port, SATA 3 connector, NFC headers and replaceable lids for customizing the looks of the NUC.

Even if Intel advertises  4k support the HDMI connectors seem to be of 1.4a variety and the DisplayPort connector 1.2 – just like they were on the previous NUC generation.

NUC4i5MYHE – The last Haswell NUC

The first model to come out is the Haswell-based NUC4i5MYHE. Preliminarily release schedule says Q4 this year. Intel has already released a driver bundle for the model and has a support page for the pre-production samples. It would seem that Intel wants to get the first new NUC out before the end of the year with this model since it will more or less be replaced with the Broadwell i5 model NUC5i5MYHE a few months later.

The NUC4i5MYHE is equipped with a Haswell Core i5-4300U CPU.  Specifications and the looks are otherwise likely to be identical with the NUC5i5MYHE that is described below.

Broadwell i3 and i5 NUCs


The first quarter of 2015 should see the release of 4 models that are based on Intel’s new Broadwell architecture. There are 2 models coming with a Core i3 CPU and 2 models with Core i5. It seems there are two versions more consumer oriented: NUC5i5RYH/K and NUC5i3RYH/K. These come in High case with 2.5″ drive support and a more sleeK case without space for one. Both the i3 and i5 models feature an IR sensor, a 2242-size M.2 slot and a WiFi-Bluetooth adapter. In addition to the Mini DP connector there is a Mini HDMI connector provided.

There will be two versions more geared for corporate use: NUC5i5MYHE with vPRO + TPM and NUC5i3MYHE with TPM. Compared to the consumer models these two come without IR sensor and the WiFi-Bluetooth adapter. 2 Mini DisplayPort connectors are provided.

Braswell Celeron NUC

Finally the second quarter of 2015 will see the release of the new Braswell Celeron NUC NUC5c-PYH. The Braswell model is the only one to feature HDMI and VGA connectors. It comes with an IR sensor, single M.2 2230-slot (prefilled by the WiFi-BT adapter presumably) and a TOSLink connector as well as SDXC UHS-I card slot. Only one SO-DIMM slot restricts the maximum memory of the Braswell NUC to 8 gigabytes.

If the GPU is able to handle deinterlacing better than the BayTrail models, this one could make a really nice low cost HTPC option!

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