Next generation NUCs spotted on Intel’s web site

Yesterday Intel’s NUC product line web site was updated with images that look like the next generation of Intel NUCs that are equipped with Broadwell CPUs. The first image features two units – a smaller one and a taller model that presumably fits a 2.5″ disk inside. One of the USB ports has been coloured yellow, presumably to indicate an always-on port that can be used for example for charging a mobile device. There’s also a black frame around the USB ports, the headphones/SPDIF connector and the infra red receiver. Other than that the aesthetic changes are limited.

Intel Broadwell NUC

The next photo presumably demonstrates the new user changeable lids that provide additional functionality such as NFC or wireless charging.

Replaceable lids for additional functionality

The board layout looks familiar from previous generations, but there’s M.2 slots instead of Mini PCIe.

Intel Broadwell NUC Board Layout

See also my earlier article of the Broadwell NUC that are soon here. Expected launch is during first quarter of 2015.

Photos: Intel.


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