Broadwell NUCs have arrived, first reviews

Several online stores are shipping the Broadwell NUC NUC5i3RYK and NUC5i5RYK models now, as well as the higher case models NUC5i3RYH and NUC5i5RYH that have a slot for a single 2.5″ drive.


First Reviews

There are already several reviews up in the web. Have a look at the following reviews of NUC5i3RYK/H:



Even more reviews are online for NUC5i5RYK/H models:


Legit Reviews

Digital Trends




We’re getting our review copy as well, so expect a thorough review and comparison with the previous generation soon! If you’re interested in buying one, have a look at what kind of parts NUC Guru will recommend for you!

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  1. gabriele says:

    Great news !!!
    For your review, please consider testing HEVC (h265) videos.
    Thanks :)

  2. you can find some sample here
    (if you contact me privately I can provide some samples, max 720p)
    Maybe 4K is too much for this unit, I was more interested in 720/1080 HEVC videos decoding
    (x265 is beginning to get used)

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