Braswell Pentium NUC Now Available as Ready-built PC (NUC5GPYH)

Intel has released their first ready-built NUC (product brief), which sports a Braswell N3700 CPU. The system comes completely ready and requires no assembly. The single memory-slot is prepopulated with a 2 GB memory module and there is a soldered 32 GB eMMC storage drive on the mainboard. There is no need to install operating system either as Windows 10 is preinstalled on the NUC.

Other than the integrated eMMC storage, the NUC5GPYH is basically a prebuilt version of the NUC5PPYH model that I reviewed earlier. The specifications are equal. Do note that it’s possible to add also another SSD/HDD drive in addition to the integrated storage option and use both the eMMC and a 2.5″ drive simultaneously.

Ready-built NUC5GPYH

I’d think that this unit is aimed towards system integrators or digital signage companies who value the effortless setup. For real Windows desktop use the 2 GB memory is just too small and the 32 GB eMMC storage is likely too small and too slow as well. If you’re not afraid of assembling the NUC yourself, invest just $30 more and buy a NUC5PPYH, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD drive and a Windows 7 license (that you can upgrade to Windows 10 as long as you do it before July 2016). That’ll be a bit more work for sure, but when you’re done you’ve got yourself a much more usable system.

Thanks to Olivier from FanlessTech for pointing out to me that the NUC5GPYH has started shipping. Read their article of the item as well.

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