First Signs of Skylake NUCs Shipping in the Nearby Future

Some Dutch and Belgian online stores have listed the coming Skylake NUC models on their pages already. For example, see Redcorp or Solitee. The specifications are not listed properly yet, but the following is probably very close to the final specifications:

  • Intel Core i3-6100U and Core i5-6260U processors
  • 2 DDR4 SO-DIMM slots, max. 32 GB RAM
  • Intel HD Graphics 520 (for i3 models) and Iris Graphics 540 (for i5 models)
  • HDMI 1.4a
  • Mini DisplayPort 1.2
  • 4x USB 3.0 ports (normal, not type C)
  • M.2 SSD slot
  • Support for 2.5″ SATA drive (the models with the higher case)
  • Intel gigabit Ethernet adapter
  • Intel 802.11ac WiFi adapter with Bluetooth 4.0 support (soldered down)
  • Headphone/mic jack, consumer IR sensor and SDXC card reader

The product codes that the stores are using will be the following:

  • BOXNUC6I3SYK – compact Core i3 model
  • BOXNUC6I3SYH – Core i3 model with space for a 2.5″ drive
  • BOXNUC6I5SYK – compact Core i5 model
  • BOXNUC6I5SYH – Core i5 model with space for a 2.5″ drive

The same product codes also exist with an L and an R in the end, but I have no insight into the significance of that letter. For example, there’s BOXNUC6I3SYK, BOXNUC6I3SYKL and BOXNUC6I3SYKR. These codes might make it easier to find the early details on the Internet.

You can also find the models mentioned on an Intel preproduction support page. Intel has also earlier released graphics drivers for the Skylake HD and Iris Graphics GPUs.

I expect the first Skylake NUCs to be shipping before Christmas and the availability starts to be good around January. Pricing seems to be similar than it has been before: the pages mentioned earlier seem to advertise the i3 for approximately €350 and the i5 for €450. This probably translates to something like $320 and $420 in the US.

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  1. Robert says:

    Thank you for this, I was starting to wonder if Intel has forgotten about the Skylake NUCs!

    Just wondering if the Skylake NUCs will be backwards compatible with DDR3 RAM, or will it only support DDR4 RAM?

  2. Twilight76 says:

    Ok, if i read this right comes the i3 NUC around the 06.11



    • Olli says:

      I suspect that date is not correct, and is just some kind of default value. I’m happy to be proven wrong though!

    • Robert says:

      Pricing is not bad, but I’d rather get the i5 with Iris Pro graphics. Hopefully I can get StarCraft II : Legacy of the Void on Medium Settings. Maybe even High. :p

  3. Magoo says:

    Any figure out what the “R” and the “L” mean?

  4. Twilight76 says:

    If only the new NUC has a HDMI 2.0 Port :(
    4k possible but only 30hz is a little sad

  5. Pawel says:

    I’ll buy i5 if they speed up m.2 interface. I see cpu alone has 1MB more cache, compared to 5th generation i5U.

  6. Robert says:

    Can you still use DDR3 RAM with it? I thought Skylake would be backwards compatible?

  7. Byron says:

    Yay, this is great news! I’ve been watching for the new Skylake NUCs to become available.

  8. The i3 version will be availible in small quantas in week 50/51. i5 version not before Q1-16.

  9. Jackson says:

    I have got the samsung 950 m.2 SSD for a swift canyon i5 nuc. so sad that I have to wait for so long.

  10. Serge says:

    Hi, what 2×8 memory would be the right choice for these NUCs, please kindly advise

    • Olli says:

      Kingston guys confirmed me that the models KVR21S15D8/8 and HyperX HX421S13IB/8 are compatible with the Skylake NUC. The HyperX is slightly faster, but you’re unlikely to notice the difference, I think. I’ll try to compare them when Skylake is here…

  11. Serge says:

    Thank you, OLLI..

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