HD Audio Bitstreaming Finally Works for Braswell NUC (NUC5CPYH / NUC5PPYH)

After a long struggle, Intel has released a graphics driver that enabled HD audio bitstreaming (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.) via HDMI in Windows. This was always working with the Linux drivers but the users of NUC5CPYH and NUC5PPYH NUCs could not get it working in Windows. This should make some HTPC users happy.

There’s a beta driver that corrects the issue (even if release notes do not mention it directly). If you’re more interested, read the long thread on Intel NUC communities. It seems the Intel Download Center page still has an older version of the driver, but we expect an official driver version soon.

2 Responses

  1. This is good news! Good for Intel for continuing to work on the issue through completion.

  2. LoneWolf says:

    My issue with Braswell was that they never allowed scale-to-fit for TVs in the driver, like they did with Haswell and Broadwell CPUs. This meant that if a TV doesn’t have 1:1 pixel mapping, the screen would go beyond the television’s borders, hiding the Windows Taskbar, or the Start Button, or the system tray. Despite having the Broadwell graphics core, it took me six months for Intel to properly answer my questions on this one, by which time, my N3700 system was deemed useless to me and replaced with Haswell Core i3 components. For this reason, I’ll never buy a product from them in this segment again, and the next time I choose hardware for that HTPC, it will likely be whatever AMD’s next-gen APU is.

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