Apollo Lake NUC Available for Purchase – Only the Preinstalled Version Though

Many have been asking about the release date of the Apollo Lake NUC. Several sellers on Amazon.com are selling the NUC6CAYS version now. This is the preinstalled one that contains 2 gigabytes of RAM (you can add more yourself), 32 GB eMMC storage and Windows 10 Home. Currently it’s selling for .

Still waiting for the availability of the barebone version NUC6CAYH though… Stay tuned for my review of the NUC – should be out in a few days!

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  1. kingrob says:

    It’s really cheap! Considering the fact that a copy of Windows 10 Home will cost you $80, you might be able to pick the barebones kit up for an absolute steal. Like I said in an earlier post, the Celeron quad core inside it, will give you more or less the performance of a 2nd generation i3. Add 8GB RAM and a 500GB SSD, and this might actually be one of the cheapest (and very responsive) desktop replacements money can buy.

    • nucblognet says:

      I expect the barebones kit to be available for around $150 in the beginning… But yes, if you need Windows 10 license, the NUC6CAYS isn’t a bad deal. I can also tell, it runs Windows quite nicely (especially compared against NUC5CPYH). :) I’d add more RAM though, 2GB seems low.

  2. Callum says:

    I’ve got a NUC5i3RYK which I use for kodi, Spotify etc I was thinking of selling that to buy one of these would anybody consider this a step back. Ideally I wanted to buy the new 7th gen i3 model but I’m thinking il be priced out of that

    • Andrew says:

      You’d be taking a step backwards in terms of CPU power, though you’d be gaining native HEVC decoding, which might be more important to you.

  3. Frankenscripter says:

    Will the ApolloLake units bitstream HD audio (truehd, dts-hd etc)? I got bit by another tvbox that claimed those formats but didn’t deliver. Curious where this stands. 7.1 audio out doesn’t equate to HD audio support.

  4. Jean-Mouloud says:

    Any chance Akasa will make a nice case for the NUC6CAYH ?

    Been browsing http://www.akasa.com.tw/update.php?tpl=product/product.list.tpl&type=Fanless%20Chassis&type_sub=Fanless%20NUC# and didn’t see anything.

  5. Nym says:

    Well does anyone have an idea when these devices, especially the one that Domes WITHOUT Windows comes to Germany?

  6. Nym says:

    Sorry for the typo :-/

  7. Olli says:

    It’s only $215 from Amazon.com (should be in stock on Tuesday). :o

    • Yes, however, Chrome have poor performance at 4k, Edge by the other hand works just ok, but for some reason Chrome is always consuming too much CPU even when idle, also the HDMI audio pass-through doesn’t work for me in kodi nor mpc-hc (DTS- Master Audio, Dolby and regular DTS work)

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