The Core i3 Kaby Lake NUCs Available on Amazon!

EDIT: Be sure to read our review of the Kaby Lake i3 NUC as well.

Amazon seems to have the Kaby Lake Core i3 NUCs in stock.

There’s the NUC7i3BNH with a 2.5″ SATA slot sold for and the more sleek NUC7i3BNK sold for . They sure got the photos wrong for both though! That’s the Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK in the photos.

In reality they’ll have a more conventional look, see below for the NUC7i3BNH.

If you’re wondering, you can find the specifications of the Kaby Lake NUCs here.

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  1. cyc says:

    Um … this one is offtopic, but – do you have any idea why arches canyon NUCs still aren’t available in the stores and when will they be available? Specifically the version without (too little) RAM and Windows …

  2. I would like to upgrade.. but I got a 5th Gen i3 unit for $165 from exactly a year ago and simply cant find any credible reason to upgrade. I didnt cheap out on the internal memory and maxed it out with the good stuff.. 16GB of Crucial RAM and a 500GB 850 EVO as recommended by the site. It runs Plex Media Server, my Ubiquiti controller and downloads content 24/7.. and I’ve had zero issues with the hardware. Hell I just figured out how to stream live TV to any device outside my LAN using Plex and I couldnt be any happier.

    I have had a few crashes/freezes/reboots.. but I credit that more to working with Windows than anything. One of my intentions was to eventually convert this unit to a Hackintosh.. but things are working so well in Win10 Pro.. that I see no need to fix something that isnt broken. I can only imagine how well the 7th Gen i5 NUC’s run.. maybe when I upgrade to a 4K projector someday.. I’ll also upgrade my NUC.

  3. Callum says:

    Does anyone know when I can buy them in the UK?

  4. Rob says:

    This one doesn’t come with windows or any ram like the celeron one?

  5. James says:

    I kind of want to get the i5, but I don’t want to wait lol

  6. Chris says:

    Can’t wait for your review! The i3 NUCs are already available in Germany (320€ upwards), but want to see a comparison to the Apollo Lake (180€ and upwards), specially the GPU capability and noise differences. Would you recommend the Kaby Lake i3 for an HTPC, if you aren’t sure if you need VP9 10bit in the future? My current HTPC is over 5 years old and the new one should last at least as long. Also I heard, AV1 is in its finishing stages…

  7. Jourdan Keillor says:

    I’ve been waiting to pick one of these up but I see they’re only shipping with the US (I’m in Australia). Frustrating because I got a bunch of Amazon gift cards over Christmas and would like to put them towards this. I wonder if Intel aren’t allowing Amazon to sell internationally at the moment because they have deals to encourage local stores to order units. Hopefully the shipping policy changes soon.

  8. Matt says:

    I sort of want to wait for the i5 too but I’m sick of waiting for a nuc to use with my 4K TV. The i3 version has a full sized hdmi 2.0 port with HDCP 2.2 that supports HDR like the I5 version doesn’t it?

    • Asd says:

      I5 and i7 has HDMI 2.0 also but thunderbolt 3 (which i3 doesn’t). That port is more versatile and can also do DP among other things.

      Onboard graphics on i5/i7 is also considerably better (iris plus versus hd620 on i3)

    • Gas says:

      In my point of view the i3 is good if you search to have a htpc. No need more power or thunderbolt with a 4k tv and with your equipment already you have. ( sorry for my english)

      • cyc says:

        Well … but – is this also true for Apollo Lake NUC, which also has HDMI 2.0 for 4k @60Hz and I’ve seen claims it’s capable of 10-bit HEVC decoding …? Apollo LAke also has TOSLINK, which would enable me to connect it to a stereo receiver (these typically don’t have HDMI inputs, those are common for 5.1+ A/V receives).

        • Gas says:

          Of course. I don’t understund what you said in your first post ; ) I think that you don’t take the i3 because it don’t have optical ! Sorry ;)

          • cyc says:

            Oh, you understood me correctly – Intel doesn’t state TOSLINK in the specs (,95066) … if I was sure Apollo Lake has enough power for 4K video decoding I’d buy one. But because I’m still not sure I’m thinking about alternatives (i3 and HDMI cable to an A/V receiver or something …).

        • Gas says:

          Apologize ! I don’t know where I read it but you’re right. I was going to buy a jack to optical ! !! Maybe a jack to rca with a good stereo receiver ? A nuc with pentium j4205 was the best solution for us !! Sadly there is no issue to obtain this

        • guest says:

          You can just buy a box that actively splits the audio out of HDMI (or DisplayPort) and converts to HDMI. No need to expect a TOSLINK jack directly on the NUC unit.

  9. roop says:

    I will get the i5 version this time. My Skylake i3 NUC will then become my Machine for VMs and stuff ;) I hope GameCube emulation on Linux (OpenGL) works better on the new model. I dont want to go back to Windows just for emulation…

  10. Bala says:

    It would be nice if someone could test the biststream audio support on the new NUC7i3 Plattform. ( Plex media player embedded) thanks a lot, Guys.

  11. Olli says:

    Not sure if this was posted, but the technical product specifications are here:

    Should get my NUC next week…

  12. Zach says:

    $40 price drop on Amazon today for the 6th gen i3 NUC…

  13. Adnan says:

    is the passthrough audio working for DTS master Atmos etc on this. Not working on my Kaby lake nuc.

    • nucblognet says:

      Do you mean Apollo lake? Please post a thread in the Intel NUC community (Google the address, sorry on mobile now) and open a case with their support. The more people bring this up, the faster we get a fix.

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