Skylake i3 now for $219

I guess Amazon’s selling out their stock of Skylake i3 NUCs. The more compact i3 model NUC6i3SYK is now being sold for $219.99. Note that this model does not have a 2.5″ drive slot, so you’ll need to equip it with an M.2 SSD drive if you’re building one!

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  1. Impatient says:

    I can’t wait until Amazon starts carrying the NUC7i7BNH. I’ve been waiting and waiting, last summer we were told it would be out by Christmas 2016 and that came and went. Intel said early 2017 and now it is suppose to be this month sometime, gonna load up it with a 256gb Samsung 960 evo and 16gb of memory. Tired of my old dell desktop crashing, come on Intel start shipping them to Amazon/Newegg so we can buy them.

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