Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 Intel NUC Deals

Here’s a link to 2018 deals!


Like last year, I’ll try to collect all the NUC-related Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals here. I’d really appreciate if you could add your tips in the comments, in case you see any good deals!

Kaby Lake i5 NUC for $299, Amazon is selling both the higher model with a space for 2.5″ drive (NUC7i5BNH) as well as the slim model (NUC7i5BNK) for $299. As the NUC Guru tool on my page links to Amazon, you can take advantage of these deals also by configuring your own NUC here.

Skull Canyon NUC for $464, the Skull Canyon NUC (NUC6i7KYK) is also discounted down to $464 at Amazon. Edit: Newegg has the same price.

Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Harmony Hub for $65, my favorite remote control for my NUC-based HTPC is now discounted deeply at Amazon and at BestBuy.

Logitech Harmony Ultimate One for $70, one of the more advanced Logitech remotes with an LCD screen. Now $70 at Amazon (should be available Nov 23th again, you can order now already). Can be paired with the Harmony Hub as well (in which case just buy the deal above – it’s cheaper than the hub alone).

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  1. Roger says:

    Hi, I read the previously article about the issues with the Audio with the kaby lake versions, DTS-HD passthrough etc.

    Is this still an issue if I am to run libreelec/kodi on these?

    • LEUSER says:

      The official LE releases don’t have the required patch in (it was too late in the release cycle to add it), but there are community builds that do have it. It will be included from LE9 onwards in the standard releases as well.

  2. erculeio says:

    Is the Nuc7 i5 model more noisy than the i3 model?

    • MiniMax says:

      I presume that the i5 is not very much louder. Only the i7 models are very loud. Too loud for most. At least with the standard case with fan. But there are silent passive cases available, but they are mach larger of course in order to get rid of the high temperatures.

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