Intel HD Graphics Driver 15.60 Adds 10-bit HDR for Kaby Lake

Intel has recently released graphics driver version 15.60 for Windows 10 that finally enables HDR10 mode for higher dynamic range. Only Kaby Lake and the upcoming 8th gen NUCs with HD Graphics 620 or better are supported at this point.

This is what Intel themselves say:

Netflix* HDR and YouTube* HDR are available for the first-time ever on the PC, on Intel® Graphics!

This driver enables the Microsoft Windows® 10 Fall Creators Update, thereby providing support for users to experience HDR playback & streaming on systems with Intel® UHD Graphics 620 and Intel® HD Graphics 620 or better, enjoyed on HDR capable external monitors and TVs.

You will need a recent BIOS version as well as LSPCon firmware 1.66 or higher. There’s a relatively interesting white paper from Intel that summarizes the capabilities with this driver.

Has anyone had the chance to try this out already?

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  1. Mike C says:

    I am pretty sure that HDR is only available from Netflix using the Edge browser on Windows 10, as well as the above. Anyone else confirm this and know if Chrome will ever suppoet HDR? I hate Edge.

  2. jakebrakeblog says:

    What about Linux (LibreELEC) support?

  3. Mike C says:

    NOTE: This driver seems to be an OLDER version ( than the latest for NUC7i3BNH (
    No mention of HDR on the newer driver, so it appears to me that the driver’s HDR support is in isolation of other driver features, and therefore somewhat beta?
    Doesn’t state beta or give any similar info in readme though.
    Clear as mud.

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