Gemini Lake NUC (NUC7CJYH) Listed by Several Online Stores

An alert reader brought up to my attention that the upcoming Gemini Lake NUC (NUC7CJYH) is now listed on several websites available for preordering.

For example, lists it here and CompSource here.

While there’s no details on availability at least the price is known. This entry-level 2018 NUC will be sold for approximately $130. This means there’s no price hike compared to last year, even if some were thinking that would be the case.

EDIT: As pointed out in the comments below, the NUC7PJYH is also listed in these same stores. Price about $190.

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  1. Platypus says:

    Hopefully it has native hdmi and can playback 4K HDR.

    Asking to much?

  2. Tommi says:

    EU variant seem to be called “BOXNUC7CJYH2” and “BOXNUC7PJYH2”

  3. Joe K says:

    Ummm… Can someone tell me why Intel is selling an objectively worse, non-hyperthreaded dual core for the same price as their last gen quad core with a rebadged iGPU?

  4. Tomm says:

    “Middle of the next month”, they come really available.

  5. teemat88 says:

    any news for the UK im after the NUC7PJYH version, i havnt seen it anywhere

      • teemat88 says:

        hey tomm thanks for the reply , i am confused to why this nuc isnt called a NUC8pjyh?

        my understanding was that this is the new 8th tech and also there seems to be a
        pjhy and a pjyb , i have no idea what the different versions are theres no info online

        PJHY vs PJYB are the same cpu but maybe its just m.2 version vs a 2.5 hdd
        but im only guessing.. not seen anything online yet

        • teemat88 says:

          edit : i just figured out that PJYB is the BOARD only version, thats a great thing if thats true becuase then we can buy our own fanless cases!

          This is first time i think its happend on the low end nucs, thing is im not sure it will be widely avaiable and if it will be same price or cheaper.

          From what iv seen over the last few years the board versions can cost more and theres a different warrenty and its difficult to get hold of many shops dont sell it like this.

        • Tomm says:

          Current generation for Celeron / Pentium is “NUC6CAYH” -> NUC7PJYH or NUC7CJYH seem pretty obvious.

  6. Tomm says:

    Noticed few finnish shops have arrival date of 22.02.2018 for PJYH.

  7. Tomm says:

    In europe, prices seem to be dropped for both variants:

    CJYH from 130 euro -> around 123 euro
    PJYH from 190 euro -> around 173 euro

  8. Tomm says:

    Retail shops have arrival date for PJYH -> 05.03 – 07.03 :/

  9. Book Adams says:

    This new four-core Pentium is superior to my existing E8400 system according to Passmark. If the pending Meltdown & Spectre fixes don’t cripple this performance, I just might finally retire my eight-year-old trusty Shuttle pc and buy this NUC7PJYH.

    I’ve been lurking here at NUC BLOG for a few years with money burning a hole in my pocket, but the sad Intel Support NUC Forum laments have so far scared me off actually buying anything…

    • Tomm says:

      There has been some delay during release of these NUCs, but during March/April they should be available worldwide.

  10. teemat88 says:

    I dont understand the meltdown and spectre fixes, but i would wait untill people buy it and let us know
    becuase last thing i want is slower pc,

    j5005 cpu gets a passmark of 2902 which is what nuc7pjyh will have.

    I am currently running my pc with around passmark 3800 max on a first gen i5, but i have another
    pc with a passmark of around 2300 also first gen i5 3.3ghz.

    So im guessing this would make a decent desktop replacement, well thats what im hoping for.

  11. Tomm says:

    HyperX Impact 2400 dual channel memory increase scores, and overall performance.

  12. Peter says:

    Sadly it appears these Gemini NUC’s just won’t support HDR. It’s only enabled in at least an i3 CPU/IGP. So a budget priced NUC with an entry level 8th Gen i3 would be more attractive to me… Won’t happen anytime soon I guess… :(

    • teemat88 says:

      Ouch, thats around 162.42 British Pound plus i need to buy ddr4 ram which really expensive right now. The nuc plus 4gb of ddr4 would be over £200.00 and i havnt seen it in shops yet so i am thinking i might as well wait and buy a Bean Canyon i3 (NUC8i3BEH/K).

      I am still worried about the Spectre and Meltdown problem but then we may have to wait another gen for that to go away?

      Plus the lack of m.2 and no HDR support on the nuc7cjyh and it being a Gemini Lake nuc Im not sure how it compares proformance wise but it looks like the bean canyon i3 would be
      worth the extra cash in this case.

      $225 LOL thought it would start at $199 and then we could shop around for a deal and maybe even a bundle with ram…..oh well :(

      • Peter says:

        I’m also considering the i3 Bean Canyon NUC. My concerns: will it have native HDMI 2.0a controller, will it support HDR and FHD 3D MVC properly?
        What about i’ts predecessor the i3 Baby Lake NUC, does anyone here know how did it qualify all the above?

        • teemat88 says:

          hello peter, im not sure so i cant confirm HDR but it might.

          As for the i3 bean having hdmi earlier in this blog it says it does

          qoate “The HDMI port is now of 2.0a variety and the TDP of all of these has been pushed up to 28W” here at

          so hdmi 2.0a should be for sure, the other thing i noticed was the TDP has changed now its 28w cpu

          So my new concern is will be still be able to buy a passive cooler case for this nuc line 8th gen?

          I doubt it so i guess it will have to have a fan unless asrock comes up will a huge heatsink design but iv not seen anything on pc cases for ANY 8th nuc as of yet

          hope this helped you

  13. Tomm says:

    That price may be only simplyNUC price, as pretty much elsewhere price for NUC7PJYH is around 190 dollars.

  14. Tomm says:

    Asrock added J5005-ITX to their product pages.

    • teemat88 says:

      hey is it possible there maybe a motherboard similar to this that has removable cpus becuase this is socket FCBGA1090, but that means soildered down.

      So what socket would this be similar to thats not bga?

      Also i was thinking if i put this in a ultra compact itx case with external psu then without any fans would that heatsink be enough? its only 10watt tdp but with ssds and wifi card and dc to ac might add to the heat output in a closed case

  15. Anonymous says:

    Still haven’t been able to buy NUC7CJYSAL, where is the delay coming from?

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