Fanless Bean Canyon Case from Akasa

Akasa has just informed me that they have a new fanless case for the Bean Canyon NUC. It is called Plato X8 and it is compatible with all Bean Canyon NUC models up to the i7.


While the case is very slim at 38.5 mm (1.51 inches) it does have quite a bit bigger footprint than the original NUC case.

There’s more information on the product page for this case. The Plato X8 case will be in stock in UK next week. Akasa told me they also expect to release another case with a completely different design for the Bean Canyon shortly.


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  1. Great, looking forward for the other case too.

  2. fatjoze says:

    great website for researching buying a nuc

  3. Me says:

    Very exited about this!
    Previews version was not so expensive, something around 100€, it is more acceptable than overpriced cirrus7.
    I hope it will show normal thermals.

    >>> “Akasa told me they also expect to release another case with a completely different design for the Bean Canyon shortly.”

    If not this line, I would buy Plato X8 as soon as it will be available)
    But now I need to wait little bit more to see that else they can offer :)

  4. Where can I buy this immediately?

  5. Jan Holub says:

    Every NUC8 has a micro-SD slot on its side, which you will lose. Integrated card reader was one of the reasons for my upgrade NUC5 -> NUC8.

    It would be perfect if it comes with integrated card reader connected by one of the USB3 ports (NUC8 internal port is USB2 only) – this case is big enough to hande it. I would even prefer a card reader instead of the 2,5″ HDD slot.

    Im sure Akasa could do it – they already do plenty of card readers for some dirty cheap money (~$20) compared to the case price ($100).

  6. Markus says:

    I have the previous model Plato X7D with NUC7i7DNHE (i7-8650U) inside it and I have been really impressed with it. During normal use (web browsing, file management, regular productivity use) temps rarely go above 35 degrees C. Granted the cpu in my case is 15W TDP where then newer ones to br used with Plato X8 are 28W but still there should be plenty of thermal headroom to keep the case cool, even with the i7 model. Really like the fanless design here, definitely the way to go with these NUCs. My no. 1 go-to solution for a 24h PC. Some notes though: if you want WiFi & bluetooth to work with this case you’ll need to buy antenna cables and the antennas themselves separately. Kinda wish Akasa would offer those as some sort of addon so you wouldn’t have to shop them separately.

  7. Sampo says:

    Just got this, unfortunately the i5 overheats. Not sure what’s the point of this case then.

    • Ploin F says:

      How warm does it get?

      • Sampo says:

        About 100 celcius, after that the system will shut down. This is with sustained ~28w load when playing some videos with mpc-hc and madvr. Possibly this case is more suitable for 20-25w sustained loads. I will test it a bit more before returning it.

        But even the stock case will be practically silent with custom fan profile if TDP is limited to about 20W. Temperature will hower around 90 degrees with this approach.

        I’m using the Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste and have also undervolted both gpu&cpu.

        • Sampo says:

          It seems I might have made some mistake during the build. I applied the thermal paste again and made sure that the screws are tightly fastened. Now I get around 80c temps with 30-35w load.

        • Me says:

          Very disappointing(
          Now it is clear why they built much bigger Turing case for this new Bean Canyon NUC.
          But it’s looks too big for NUC, I would rather build passive cooled PC in Streacom FC8 Alpha case with 35-65W desktop CPU.

  8. Ploin F says:

    Hi. Anyone have problems with the nuc not starting properly? My screen will start up and shoe “intel NUC” and then just have “cant find hdmi – turning off”.
    The nuc is till on and I have to kill it with holding down the on button. After that it starts normal.
    I have turned it off properly from windows, I’m not putting it in sleep or hibernation mode.
    I seen other on the net have similar problems, but this is wit the new nuc8i5bek +?!?!

    • Ploin F says:

      Updated bios, works better now! But strange how the nuc starts up, stops and need a second to start bios. Well well, will but the case when its on sale

  9. David says:

    I hope they make one for Islay Canyon NUC with the 19″ Rack plate. That´ll be my config

  10. Lorne Cheeseman says:

    Got one with an i7 NUC and can’t get it to run reliably. It shuts down with overheating almost as fast as I can get it to boot. I have tried reapplying the thermal paste more generously. Also having some issues with the power switch. Not happy. Have a Plato x7 and it runs beautifully and never gets warm even under loads.

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