Intel Pulls Firmwares 56, 64 and 66 for NUC8 (Coffee Lake)

Intel has recently removed BIOS versions 56, 64 and 66 from their Download Center describing problems with password setup on NVMe SSDs.

We discovered a potential issue related to the set up of a password on NVME SSDs affecting NUC8ixBE, if your system is working as expected even if running a BIOS version earlier than ver 0056 then you are not affected by this issue.
We are working on getting a newer BIOS version available soon. Please keep an eye on Intel Download Center.

Ronny G, Intel

Not much details are there, but if you see any issues, this might be something to keep an eye on. According to a local NUC dealer, the current models supplied for them come with BIOS version 0064.

Thanks to Terastore for the news heads up!

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  1. Peter says:

    Latest firmware (071) reduces the max Iris Pro aperture size down to 1024MB. No explanation given as to why?

  2. LoneWolf says:

    Peter, it reduces it to 1024MB because on multiple previous BIOS revisions, setting aperture to 2GB would cause video corruption issues on boot.

    • kix says:

      last time i checked most UEFIs were still 32bit and using 2GB out of 4 max would likely mean that something may overlay\overwrite the same memory region.

  3. tenan says:

    how do you check i have nuc 8th i3, i got it last year never had any issues jusy boots win 10 my daily office pc, im glad i never tried updating bios now , have they said which bios should be used?

    • KLP says:

      A little late, and FWIW, I installed the latest BIOS update (73) for NUC8i3BEH from Intel this morning. No problems thus far!

  4. JPort says:

    No news update? When are new NUCs??

  5. GG says:

    RIP nucblog

  6. Markos says:

    I miss this blog, come back like the nuc9

  7. pr says:

    fanlesstech says 12 dec but only with UHD graphics

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