Frost Canyon / Comet Lake NUC Tech Specs Released

I just received a tip from a helpful reader that the Comet Lake NUC technical product specifications have been released by Intel!

I’m a bit on the go at the moment, but will update this post with all the interesting details. Meanwhile, you can have a read of the long PDF document here: NUC10i357FN_TechProdSpec

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  1. Techster says:

    I’m a bit confused: it has two memory slots and says it supports 8 or 16gb sodimms. But is says it supports up to 64gb of ram. The math doesn’t work.

  2. Roland Svan says:

    G.Skill and ZADAC have “Double Capacity DIMM” that are 32GB each.
    Until now only a handful of Asus Z390 motherboards have had compability with them, but it seems they can be used in the new Gen10 NUC’s as well.

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