Frost Canyon NUC (i3/i5/i7) to be Launched Mid-December

Hello everyone! It’s time to revive this blog. What could be a better topic than to announce the new Frost Canyon NUC. Intel skipped the 9th generation i3, i5 and i7 CPUs for the NUCs, so the NUC10 will be the next one.

According to our friends at Fanless Tech the new NUCs will have 25W TDP CPUs and they’ll be released on 12th of December.

The model names and the CPUs used will be:

  • i3, NUC model name NUC10i3FN: Core i3-10110U, dual-core, 4 threads
  • i5, NUC model name NUC10i5GN: Core i5-10210U, quad-core, 8 threads
  • i7, NUC model name NUC10i7GN: Core i7-10710U, hexa-core, 12 threads

All models will feature integrated Intel UHD Graphics and they’ll be very similar to previous generation NUCs when it comes to form factor, appearance, ports and connectivity. There will be slim models without 2.5″ drive slot (only m.2 storage slot) and the higher version with a 2.5″ slot.

These Comet Lake NUCs will be the first ones to officially support 64 GB of RAM.

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  1. Olli says:

    Sorry for the hiatus, but real life has just been too busy lately with me starting in a new position at job, dear wife starting her own company and the complete house renovation we’ve been doing over the past 15 months. I’m grateful for all your comments and encouraging feedback during this time. Let’s revive this blog again! :)

  2. Bulent says:

    Welcome back! Your reviews have been missed.

  3. GRAND says:

    Can these, or even windows 10 do HDR yet?

  4. Dennis Tomsen says:

    Yeah, welcome back

  5. TXGamer says:

    Yup, agree completely — Welcome back! This is a very cool and useful blog, and it’s great to have any time you can spare Olli.

  6. Gontran says:

    Do we have informations about AV1 support?

  7. Jason says:

    What advantages might 10nm deliver?

    • pr says:

      10nm Ice lake (10th generation) would have meant less power consumption and better graphics.
      Unfortunately its 14nm comet lake (also 10th generation). I guess at least with 14nm it has a faster processor.

  8. Smalldog says:

    The 8th gen NUC8i7NVK and NUC8i7HNK both support 64gb of RAM. I don’t know if it was official or unofficial but I’ve got a few of them with this configuration.

  9. Markos says:

    Welcome back!!!

  10. Hagen says:

    Great to hear that the release is near. Hope prices will be equal to current generation.

  11. DataMeister says:

    I wonder what the networking will be like? Upgraded 2.5G ethernet maybe?

  12. Ref nuc says:

    Welcome back

    Any info on performance compared to nuc8 both in cpu and gpu

    So far they upgrades the max ram from 32 to 64 but i not seen any testing are you planning to get these for Benchmarks?

    • Olli says:

      My supplier has not been able to deliver them yet, but expect a review in some weeks.

      Rough guess: CPU 20% faster, GPU clearly slower when compared to NUC8.

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