Intel Releases NUC10 on Their Website

Intel has finally released the Comet Lake NUC (Frost Canyon) on their website. The technical product specifications document was available already earlier this week, so there are’s not much new information available out there, but at least it’s in a more readable format.

So here’s a list of material available now:

Each of the NUCs is also available in ready-built kits with RAM and storage included. Various configuration are available that do include one or more of the following items in addition to a single or double 4GB DDR4-2666 RAM modules:

  • 256GB NVMe SSD
  • 16GB Optane Memory M.2 module
  • 1TB HDD

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  1. Olli says:

    The i7 model seems to be available as a kit with 2x8GB RAM as well. Interesting that the i7 has a 120W power supply whereas the other models come with a 90W power supply.

  2. Tony Cheung says:

    Why my 7gen i5 NUC has Iris Pro and the 10th gen has the UHD?

  3. Hasi says:


  4. Gaston says:

    Any idea of release date?

  5. Drew says:

    Does it has CIR?

  6. Luckyknight says:

    Still waiting for the 10nm here intel!

  7. Muyfa666 says:

    Does the NUC10 bring anything really new to the table compared to the NUC8? I’m not really missing anything on the NUC8 for the moment.

  8. Stefan says:

    I would also be interested in the improvements compared to nuc 8

    • Iris Pro graphics has been cut from the new line, so expect a bit more CPU performance and a bit less GPU performance. And Front USB-C. Personally I’m disappointed by this refresh. They could have thrown in at least an Intel I225 2.5GBe Controller to make up for the lack of innovation (costs only 2.40$ according to the intel website and replaces another chip so even less costs them less than this)!

      I’ll probably be building a lot of ASRock Deskmini A300 systems instead next year, especially if the AMD Renoir chips expected at CES in January will be compatible with it.

  9. Muyfa666 says:

    It seems the main differences are WiFi6, the CPU (duh!), possibly another iGPU (not sure about this thou – conflicting info), a standard USB-port on the front is swapped for a USB-C type and BT5 (not sure if this is changed). Nothing major to upgrade from a NUC8 imo, but if you’re getting a new unit you might as well get the NUC10.

    • pr says:

      at least the Tiger Lake NUC 11 with Intel Xe graphics and thunderbolt sound promising

      • Yeah, the new NUC11 sounds like what the NUC10 SHOULD have been: proper USB-C/Thunderbolt, better graphics, 2.5GbE LAN, two display outputs independent of the USB-C ports, PCIe 4.0 support for fast SSDs.

        No release date though. Could be a year away if we’re unlucky. Although these very specific specs for the Tiger Lake NUC11 indicate it could be here sooner… You don’t usually get this specific a year in advance.

        • Olli says:

          FanlessTech says release date is H2, so at minimum we’re looking at a half a year wait. I’m quite certain 9-11 months is more likely.

  10. Ivo says:

    any more updates on this? Any stores offers it? Performance reviews? Price comparisons with NUC8s? 10q

    • Olli says:

      I’ve ordered the i3 model that my local dealer told they’d get first. Should arrive within a week…

      • Niels says:

        Has it arrived yet? I’m looking forward to reading your review.

        • Olli says:

          Thanks for asking Niels! Unfortunately my supplier told the delivery of each model would be delayed until February. I am getting one of each, so will be performing the usual reviews in order of arrival of the units. Currently travelling and will be back home only on Feb 10, so probably first reviews out approximately mid-February. Sorry to keep you waiting.

  11. pr says:

    Still not aaailable to purchase in the UK?

  12. ed says:

    The i7 NUC in both sizes is available with Newegg as the seller in the US. Hopefully that means the lower tier models will be available shortly.

  13. Clive Bennett says:

    Can I have an opinion on these NUC devices? Just to let you know having had 7 yes 7 of these devices all of them have either failed. I guess I must be using them wrong? Most of them suffered heavily with the Bluetooth constantly failing. others had visual issues. 3 were sent back. 3 were returned as replacements and suffered similar issues. All I can say is that none of them liked Windows 10 and the faired better but not much with Linuxmint. I last purchased the NUC7PJYH about a year ago and because Windows 10 wouldn’t run on it I used Linuxmint until I could no longer cope with it. It’s been in the cupboard for 4 months and I’ve just fished it out to see if I can get Windows 10 to work on it again. Sadly same issues, screen keeps disappearing and no responses from windows or Intel on the issue. I now will sell it and will buy myself an iMac to end all the pain and suffering with these quite clearly inadequate devices. Fed up? Do yourself a big favour and no more headaches change to “Dare I say it” … Apple!

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