First Comet Lake i7 NUC Performance Figures

So yesterday we told that the technical product specification (PDF) was released by Intel. Now the Chinese website Koolshare has already published a review of a pre-production sample of the i7 Comet Lake NUC. I cannot understand much of the text (Google Translate helps though), but there are plenty of nice pictures to have a look at.

Looking at the Cinebench R15 benchmark results (multi-core 1083/single-core 183) we can already estimate that the raw CPU performance of the Comet Lake i7 NUC is a bit better than then NUC8i7BEH (193/898) from last year. The GPU performance will likely not match last years unit though.

Apart from the different CPU/GPU combination, the new NUCs have some new features. They will support up to 64 GB of system memory with two SO-DIMMs using 16 Gb memory technology, which apparently means that using SO-DIMMs that have SDRAM density of 16 GB per side. Also, there’s an 801.11ax WiFi chip to support what is known as Wifi 6.

From outside there are very little changes. It looks much the same. It would seem to me that the cooling solution is the same as the previous generation. Also the HDMI 2.0b port is provided using the Megachips MCDP2800BC LSPCon chip that converts this HDMI port from an internal DisplayPort. All in all, it looks to me that the NUC10 is very much a revisional upgrade to the previous NUCs and if you’re looking forward to running some GPU intensive applications on it, the NUC8 might even be a better choice for you.


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  1. drealar says:

    Overall I’d say skip Frost Canyon and get an already cheaper(in some countries) NUC8 if you’re buying a NUC as your main PC.

    Over all NUC8 is just more versatile for both productivity and gaming. Not to mention that some productivity programs will perform better with a better GPU.

    BTW, I just read Anandtech’s review on the latest Dell XPS 13 with Ice lake + Full 64EU G7 iGPU. That Ice Lake looks very promising in a NUC, especially with LPDDR4X-3733 support.

    All in all, given that NUC8 is already cheaper, I think that NUC8 has the best bang for your bucks.

  2. David V says:

    Although I agree it’s a bit dissapointing moving to a less powerful graphics card, I wonder if this would improve the thermal performance.

    I’ve heard many people complaining about the NUC8 i5 being annoyingly noisiy. Some even went as far as to replace it with the i3 version.

    • drealar says:

      From official specs I doubted that is has any significant thermal improvement compared to Whiskey Lake.
      Comet lake is simply a 4th Skylake refinement (unlike the new 10nm process Ice Lake) with more core count, LPDDR4x 2933 & Wifi 6 support.

      • David V says:

        Yes, I agree with you in that.

        However, having a less beefier graphics card in the chip should involve less silicon and less heat producing elements on that part.

        Or maybe I’m simply wishful-thinking for a quieter i5 NUC :P

  3. Nigger says:

    So now a full size SD card slot? Why do they keep flopping back and forth?

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