AMD Ryzen-powered NUCs from Multiple Vendors

In the last few days several vendors have released new NUC-like computers with AMD Ryzen SoCs. We’ve seen announcements from ASRock, OnLogic and Simply NUC so far. Interestingly, all three are targeting industrial PC segment even if AMD’s Vega GPUs in these tiny computers could be very interesting for casual gaming as well.

Both ASRock and OnLogic offer theirs with AMD Ryzen R1505G (dual-core) or V1605B (quad-core) embedded CPUs whereas Simply NUC has offerings with Ryzen the V1605B and V1807B. The V1807B is a 35-54W TDP CPU whereas the rest are 12-25W TDP CPUs. OnLogic’s offering is fanless.

Frequency2.4 GHz2.0 GHz3.35 GHz
Max Frequency (1-core)3.3 GHz3.6 GHz3.8 GHz
TDP15 W15 W45 W
cTDP12-25 W12-25 W35-54 W
Max RAM32 GB32 GB32 GB
GPURadeon Vega 3Radeon Vega 8Radeon Vega 11
GPU Shaders192512704
GPU Max. freq1.0 GHz1.1 GHz1.3 GHz

ASRock 4X4 BOX

Both 4X4 BOX models look similar.

ASRock Industrial announced their 4X4 BOX-R1000V and 4X4 BOX-V1000M mini-PC barebone kits with R1505G and V1605B CPUs respectively. The chassis is a bit higher than the standard NUC chassis, but approximately the same when it comes to width and depth. Dual LAN and three display connectors provide ample connectivity together with a host of USB ports. It’s worth noticing that there’s no space for 2280 form factor M.2 card, only 2242 or 2260. Your choice is significantly limited in the smaller form factors.

4X4-V1000 Mainboard

OnLogic ML100G-40

OnLogic’s ML100G-40 is another take on the Ryzen NUC. It’s available with the same CPUs as the ASRock unit is and the connectivity is identical. Even the port positioning is very close, which leads me to believe that this is some kind of AMD reference solution. However, the OnLogic ML100G-40 is completely fanless, ventless and solid state. This makes it well-suited for harsher environments that might contain moisture, dust or chemicals that should not end up into the PC. For the M.2 slot 2260 is the maximum size.

Simply NUC Sequoia

Simply NUC’s Sequoia is not only different when it comes to the name of the unit but it also has significantly different configuration of ports. The unit looks very rugged and can probably handle quite a beating. The CPU options are the V1605B with lower TDP and the V1807B with significantly higher TDP and presumably higher computing power as well.

The display connectivity is provided by two Mini DisplayPort connectors without HDMI option. There are two serial ports (the other one with RS-485 capabilities) as well as two Gigabit Ethernet ports. It’s worth mentioning that the Gigabit Ethernet ports are both using Intel chipsets instead of Realtek which might be interesting for some pfSense users. The Sequoia features two M.2 slots but both are 2242 form factor. If you need WiFi connectivity the other slot will be used for the WiFi card.


There are interesting miniature NUC PCs coming in to the market with AMD Ryzen CPUs. For some reason they are targeted for industrial applications. I’ll try to get my hands on one V1605B unit to see how is the performance like.

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  1. “Interestingly, all three are targeting industrial PC segment” Translation: They will be overpriced and impossible to find, let alone buy.

  2. should be great if it will become available in my country also

  3. Sempervivum says:

    I’m searching fot a Nuc with DVI port, but the Asus VC66 is not cheap. Zotac had some minipc too, but they are out of production..

  4. Olli says:

    Found one more, EEPD seems to have Ryzen NUCs as well: . They seem to source their chassis/boards from the same source as Simply NUC.

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