Finally An Update for Hades Canyon GPU Drivers

The Hades Canyon NUC debuted back in 2018 and it remains the most powerful NUC for gaming. This is because rather surprisingly Intel decided to equip these NUCs with a Kaby Lake-G GPU that was packaged with a fairly powerful Radeon RX Vega M GPU. Since that Intel has decided to kill off this line of CPUs and focus on their own Xe GPUs. This probably explains why there has not been too much driver updates for Hades Canyon lately. Previous driver from Intel was released back in January 2019, so that’s a bit of a gap there.

However, recently Intel has released a “driver update” on their Download Center website for the Hades Canyon. Of course Intel hasn’t actually released any driver here but instead they provide a direct link to AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 64 Drivers & Support page and tell you to install the driver provided by AMD. This is a U-turn from Intel’s earlier policy of providing an Intel-verified Radeon driver for the Hades Canyon. Some Hades Canyon owners have been installing AMD branded drivers for their GPUs before with varying success but now AMD lists the Radeon RX Vega M as officially supported.

Hades Canyon GPU Drivers

There should be both performance and stability improvements compared to the previous Intel-branded driver. I don’t have a Hades Canyon anymore at my disposal but if you do, it’d be great to hear about your experience with the new drivers in the comments section below!

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  1. JohnOrion says:

    Well I’ve been using the Radeon drivers from AMD’s website for a year now with my HVK-variant of Hades Canyon. Started using them when I saw a comment on reddit about AMD including official support for Hades Canyon in the release notes for their latest Radeon driver. I’ve never had any issues with them or at least nothing that wasn’t appearing with other graphics cards. While me and some others have recommended these drivers to Hades Canyon owners, many have been hesitant to try them out, even with the knowledge that AMD had included Hades Canyon support in the release notes. I guess some people had issues with the installation process although it seems that in many of these cases the user hadn’t done it properly (uninstall current AMD driver preferably with an app that scans for letfovers, reboot, install new AMD drivers). I’m glad Intel is now officially supporting these drivers too so even those who thought the drivers from AMD’s website could be incompatible in some way have the peace of mind to try them out.

  2. ind1g0 says:

    My PassMark 3D score went up almost 1000 points when switching from the standard AMD drivers that came down from Windows Update after a fresh Windows install to the AMD provided driver!

  3. JohnOrion says:

    Just a heads-up. Went to install the newest Adrenalin drivers, 20.4.2, and the installer could not recognize my HVK-variant of Hades Canyon. Tried this several times with same results (obviously doing the same uninstall/reboot/install process I always do with new GPU drivers). Had no issues with 20.4.1 (which I’m using now). So it seems 20.4.2 does not support Hades Canyon. Hopefully this is just a bug and AMD will continue to include support for this NUC.

  4. Jonathan Gayl says:

    It didn’t recognize it because it didn’t include the RX Vega M in the.inf, Sounds deliberate to me as Ghost Canyon mand Quartz Canyon will be mostly NVidia GPUs.

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