Finally An Update for Hades Canyon GPU Drivers

The Hades Canyon NUC debuted back in 2018 and it remains the most powerful NUC for gaming. This is because rather surprisingly Intel decided to equip these NUCs with a Kaby Lake-G GPU that was packaged with a fairly powerful Radeon RX Vega M GPU. Since that Intel has decided to kill off this line of CPUs and focus on their own Xe GPUs. This probably explains why there has not been too much driver updates for Hades Canyon lately. Previous driver from Intel was released back in January 2019, so that’s a bit of a gap there.

However, recently Intel has released a “driver update” on their Download Center website for the Hades Canyon. Of course Intel hasn’t actually released any driver here but instead they provide a direct link to AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 64 Drivers & Support page and tell you to install the driver provided by AMD. This is a U-turn from Intel’s earlier policy of providing an Intel-verified Radeon driver for the Hades Canyon. Some Hades Canyon owners have been installing AMD branded drivers for their GPUs before with varying success but now AMD lists the Radeon RX Vega M as officially supported.

Hades Canyon GPU Drivers

There should be both performance and stability improvements compared to the previous Intel-branded driver. I don’t have a Hades Canyon anymore at my disposal but if you do, it’d be great to hear about your experience with the new drivers in the comments section below!

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  1. JohnOrion says:

    Well I’ve been using the Radeon drivers from AMD’s website for a year now with my HVK-variant of Hades Canyon. Started using them when I saw a comment on reddit about AMD including official support for Hades Canyon in the release notes for their latest Radeon driver. I’ve never had any issues with them or at least nothing that wasn’t appearing with other graphics cards. While me and some others have recommended these drivers to Hades Canyon owners, many have been hesitant to try them out, even with the knowledge that AMD had included Hades Canyon support in the release notes. I guess some people had issues with the installation process although it seems that in many of these cases the user hadn’t done it properly (uninstall current AMD driver preferably with an app that scans for letfovers, reboot, install new AMD drivers). I’m glad Intel is now officially supporting these drivers too so even those who thought the drivers from AMD’s website could be incompatible in some way have the peace of mind to try them out.

  2. ind1g0 says:

    My PassMark 3D score went up almost 1000 points when switching from the standard AMD drivers that came down from Windows Update after a fresh Windows install to the AMD provided driver!

  3. JohnOrion says:

    Just a heads-up. Went to install the newest Adrenalin drivers, 20.4.2, and the installer could not recognize my HVK-variant of Hades Canyon. Tried this several times with same results (obviously doing the same uninstall/reboot/install process I always do with new GPU drivers). Had no issues with 20.4.1 (which I’m using now). So it seems 20.4.2 does not support Hades Canyon. Hopefully this is just a bug and AMD will continue to include support for this NUC.

  4. Jonathan Gayl says:

    It didn’t recognize it because it didn’t include the RX Vega M in the.inf, Sounds deliberate to me as Ghost Canyon mand Quartz Canyon will be mostly NVidia GPUs.

  5. Nks says:

    Hades Canyon have been abandoned by Intel and now amd. It’s dead end, better sell them off while still might get something for it.

  6. Ale L says:

    The file I downloaded from AMD could not find a driver for my hades canyon GH graphic card. I am still stuck on what I think is a 2018 driver. How can I possibly upgrade to the latest one available now?

  7. JohnOrion says:

    As I’ve mentioned in this comment thread, all the drivers after Adrenalin 20.4.1 (from AMD’s site) are incompatible with Hades Canyon. However, do not despair. You can easily find 20.4.1 from the net (a site called guru3D should have them should you not find them from AMD’s site). Just google it if all else fails.

  8. MichaelChou says:

    As @JohnOrion had mentioned, drivers after 20.4.1 cannot be installed. And I stuck at this version for like 3 months now.

    Until last week, Microsoft released GPU compute support for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), along with Intel/AMD/NVIDIA releasing preview drivers for this feature. The AMD preview driver is, and does not support Vega M as expected.

    But I really wanted to try this feature, and decided try my crazy little idea I had for a while now: manually edit the driver files to some how enable this driver to be installed & used on Vega M.

    At least two parts you need to edit: the display driver itself, and the hardware checking in the installer. These are the steps:

    1. Run 20.4.1 & new version installers at least once, and the decompressed files will be under subfolders of each version in C:\AMD.
    2. Use your favorite code compare/diff tool to compare the following 3 files under the two driver folders: “Config/InstallManifest.json” and “C0356156.inf” & “U0356156.inf” in “Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\”
    adding Vega M related parts from files of 20.4.1 to the files of the new version (search “694c” the Device ID for Vega M)
    3. Since you changed the driver files and broke the signature, you have to Advanced Restart Windows into a special mode and disable driver signature checking. In this mode, you can install this modified driver successfully, and restart your Windows into normal mode after.

    I tried a few lightweight games it worked well. And I tried using DirectML (over DirectX 12) in Linux using WSL, it also works on Vega M!

    If you update Windows to a new build, the AMD driver will be rollback to a signed version, and you have to reinstall your modified version after the upgrade.

    This does not mean the modified driver works 100% or will work for future versions. Actually I highly recommend you staying on the officially supported version (20.4.1 currently) and not installing the modified driver, if not for a special need.

    • Olli says:

      Excellent post Michael! It’s the comments/posts like yours that make running this blog sometimes just so rewarding. :)

  9. AJ says:

    I have recently purchase the Intel NUC8I7HVK Core i7 Haydes Canyon, Samsung 500g SSD, Hyper X 16GB memory and updated all the drivers. I have been having lots of issues playing World of Warships. The game will play fine for a few minutes then crash with a message ‘could not load system resources, check and repair’. I contacted Wargaming and after sending them the crash log they confirmed it was the AMD graphics card that was failing and restarting. After multiple full uninstall and re installing all drivers and the game client, reducing every setting to the lowest possible setting it still hangs. I downgraded to the original 2018 driver and tried that also but I still had the issue. It has been a really disappointing purchase so far as I am away on long tours due to Covid 19 isolation. Actually wished I had read the above comment about them being abandoned.

  10. Flombe says:

    Michael’s system looked hard, so I decided I’d do something dumb instead. So! I used the Update Driver -> Have Disk -> browse to July 2020 c:\AMD extracted files (after a failed installation)\Packages\Drivers\WT6A_INF and picked the c INF from the list.
    Then, scrolled through the list of drivers and found Radeon Vega RX, which I figured was Close Enough.
    It has survived installation so far… hopefully, it’ll stick.

    • Flombe says:

      Ran Halo 2 straight afterwards, not exactly a 2020 tour de force, but it worked without obvious glitches.

    • Tigerman82 says:

      Tried to do this with the latest Adrenalin drivers but couldn’t make it happen. Here’s the steps… Had the last working Adrenalin drivers installed. Downloaded the latest Adrenalin drivers. Extracted to a folder with 7zip. Went to Device Manager via Win+X. Clicked Update Driver via Display Adapter/Vega. Browsed to packages/drivers/display/WT64_INF. Here’s the issue. See three folders bu no inf files (even though they should be there when I checked the extracted folder). Any thoughts?

  11. Jonathan Gayl says:

    Flombe-Worked for me too! Thank you!

  12. Jonathan Gayl says:

    Interestingly I think I tried that before with an earlier version. Maybe I picked the wrong Radeon or wrong inf.

  13. MarkyMarkMark. says:

    Thats awesome – just tried Flombes logic and now have Squadrons running on my nuc.. (wouldnt say its awesome, but its running)…

  14. Bruce Harrison says:

    I few of us have also been using the manual process of installing the latest drivers through device manager selecting Vega from the list of supported devices.

    update driver -> Browse my computer for drivers -> Let me pick from a list …. -> Have Disk

    Now browse to the extracted AMD installer and pick this folder:


    Scroll down to the plane RX Vega entry and install, obviously ignore the warning about that being the wrong driver.

    This has worked for the last few driver updates without issue.

    • Ale L says:

      oh thanks! that’s great.
      I have downloaded from the AMD website the latest Adrenalin exe for Win10 64bit.
      I have executed it and it created an AMD folder in my C: root.
      I have then followed your instructions, but once selected the folder WT6A, device manager says “the best drivers for your device are already installed”. What am I doing wrong?
      The driver window says that I am on driver version number 25.20.15002.58

  15. Ethan says:

    Uninstall your existing version of adrenaline from your computer.
    Download the latest adrenaline .exe.
    Right-click your start menu and choose Device Manager.
    Locate your display adapter. Expand the option.
    Right click on “AMD Radeon RX Vega M” and select the Update Drivers option.
    When it gives you a choice, select “Browse my computer for drivers”.
    Select “Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer”.
    Click on the “Have Disk….” button.
    Browse to “C:\AMD\Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-Edition-20.9.2-Sep29\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF” and select the C0359518.inf file.
    Scroll through the list until you find the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 option. (it’s got Vega in the name. It’s close enough, right?)

    • Tigerman82 says:

      This did the trick for me. Didn’t realize you needed to select the ‘Let me pick from a list’ option. However, I chose U0359418 (and not C********) and found two ‘RX Vegas’ (without 64) of which I chose the first and installed. Everything worked and even the AMD Radeon Software works. Ran Steam VR Performance Test without issues. I did update the drivers having the last working version of Adrenalin driver installed as without it I did not see Vega under Display Adapters.

    • Ale says:

      Someone give this man a medal! :)
      I had not do the “Let me pick….” but only selected the folder hence was not working.
      I have not uninstalled the previous adrenaline (I would not know how to do it but I already had 2 subfolders in the AMD folder).
      Also there were 2 Vega 64 options in the list and I have picked the first one.
      Screen went black and then everything reappeared updated to the 27.20.12031.1000 from the previous 25.20.15002.58

    • tombreaz says:

      I was able to follow your instructions but I’m still having lag issues. I’m playing Heroes of the Storm and every 30-60 seconds I’m frozen for about 3 seconds. I’ve never had this happen on the cheaper machines I’ve played this game on so am rather disappointed that this is happening on a small form factor gaming maching.

  16. msrl says:

    after a month of research @MichaelChou saved me! it is so unfortunate that us as consumers need to Hack the driver instead of have officially supported as we payed for the computers. shame on AMD.
    @MichaelChou thanks man! you are awesome!

  17. msrl says:

    Hi everyone.

    i had some bugs with NUC8i7HVK, (triple monitor only supported 30hz, no HDR, record with AMD software result green screen etc). i contact Intel’s support and they asked me to contact AMD support, i contact AMD’s support and they told me to connect Intel’s support. i understood that both companies doesn’t care about us, the consumers.

    so i read a lot about the situation and managed to Hack the latest AMD driver installation version 20.9.2 (sept29.20).

    attached a link to my google drive, you may download and install.

    The full modified software and driver: – Google Drive

    after successful software installation, you will need to reinstall the driver manually from device manager, choosing “have disk” pointing to: C:\AMD\Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-Edition-20.9.2-Sep29\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\ choosing the first “Radeon RX vega” driver, and choose “install anyway”

    or you may (alternative for download the full driver from my google driver):

    1. download the original driver from AMD website:

    2. “try to install it”, it will extract the files to C:\AMD\ and will give you an 182 error (It’s ok)

    3. Download my edited files from here: Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-Edition-20.9.2-Sep29 – – Google Drive (only 200kb)

    4. extract the zip file (including the folder structure), replace the files from the ZIP file with those in C:\AMD at the same folders.

    5. run the software installation successfully

    6. go to device manager, display adapter, radeon vega

    7. double click, update driver, choose “i have disk”, > pointing to: C:\AMD\Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-Edition-20.9.2-Sep29\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\

    8. choose the first “Radeon RX vega”

    9. confirm “install anyway”

    10. done

    now you have the latest AMD driver with a WORKING AMD’s software.

    Have Fun

    and send AMD’s support team a complaint about how they treat us. (if many people will do that, maybe they will respond as they should)

    (thanks again @MichaelChou)

  18. JohnOrion says:

    Just wanted to let you know I did ‘flombe’ method update with the latest Adrenalin 20.10.1 drivers. I first removed the previous driver with AMD Cleanup Utility (you can download it from AMD) as unintallers like Revo Uninstaller do not see the Adrenalin driver. As before, I chose the first ‘RX Vega’ (not ‘RX Vega 56’ or ‘RX Vega 65’ like some of you do although obviously I’m nore sure which is the best option). Everything worked like before.

    NOTICE! A few moments after the succesfull installation, I noticed that my display flashed in a similar way whenever you are installing GPU drivers. I then noticed that the driver had reverted back to an official RX Vega M GL driver from 2019 (it no longer says ‘RX Vega’ in the Display Adapter menu but ‘RX Vega M GL’). I am assuming Windows is the culprit here. However, I googled about how to stop Windows 10 from automatically updating GPU drivers and found a solution. You have to go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced Settings (left panel) -> Hardware -> Device Installation Settings and choose No. This will stop Windows from reverting the driver back to an official one. I tested this by uninstalling the driver Windows had installed (again, with AMD Cleanup Utility), rebooting and installing the 20.10.1 driver with the flombe method. This time Windows let the driver be in peace.

  19. msrl says:

    thanks for adding that, it’s a shame that customers need to hack the driver and windows instead of getting official support from AND

  20. i tried to install adrenalin 20.11.1 on hades canyon hvk with above method i removed the previous version of amd driver with the amd cleanup. while installing the new driver i get Error 1603. how to solve this?

    • JohnOrion says:

      Haven’t had any errors whatsover during installations. Error 1603 seems to refer to software conflicts or corrupted registry. Just out of interest, was the previous version you removed with amd cleanup a version that supported Hades Canyon. You’ll know this if you had AMD Radeon Settings software installed with the driver. I’d recommend uninstalling these supported versions with via Windows’ programs and features (like you’d normally uninstall something) or something like Revo Uninstaller which I used. Granted, I was the one who has been recommending AMD Cleanup but as mentioned I’ve only used it to uninstall these unsupported drivers which do not show in Programs and Features or in Revo Uninstaller. So could it be that AMD Cleanup did not unintall everything, for example AMD Radeon Settings, and you’re getting the error because the driver conflicts with that software.

  21. frequentlyer says:

    i have uninstalled using amd cleanup and Revo uninstaller. Still error 1603;

    2020-11-19::12:01:20::825 SupportedRendering::IsIntelNaviteRenderingRequired:303 GetInstalledDriverVersion function entered.

    2020-11-19::12:01:20::825 SupportedRendering::IsIntelNaviteRenderingRequired:353 Intel driver version needs native rendering

    2020-11-19::12:01:20::826 SupportedRendering::IsIntelNaviteRenderingRequired:303 GetInstalledDriverVersion function entered.

    2020-11-19::12:01:20::826 SupportedRendering::IsIntelNaviteRenderingRequired:353 Intel driver version needs native rendering

    2020-11-19::12:01:20::832 createScheduledTaskFromXMLContents :809 Failed to call CoInitializeEx 0x80010106

    2020-11-19::12:01:20::930 InstallMan::InstallMan :1707 Starting install: “C:\AMD\Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-Edition-20.11.1-Nov6\BIN64\RadeonInstaller.exe”

    2020-11-19::12:01:22::609 InstallMan::performMyState :1424 performMyState: IM_DETECTION

    2020-11-19::12:01:22::660 CDetectionMgr::parseBuildHighletsXML :2538 –CDetectionMgr ->BuildHighlight JSON parsed successfully

    2020-11-19::12:01:22::668 CDetectionMgr::performJsonParsing:: Found ccc2_install.exe in C:\AMD\Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-Edition-20.11.1-Nov6\BIN64\..\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B360768

    2020-11-19::12:01:25::870 IsSnapSettingEligible :2713 Radeon setting is not running. System is not eligible for snap settings.

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD Display Driver — PID: W-06-0001-000-001-001-001-00-00

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2610 WorkAround Eligible Package name: AMD Display Driver — PID: W-06-0001-000-001-001-001-00-00 — WorkAround Stage : WA_POSTUNINSTALL,

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD HDMI Audio driver — PID: W-06-0001-000-001-039-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD Settings — PID: W-10-0U01-000-002-192-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: Branding64 — PID: W-10-0U03-000-002-194-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD WVR64 — PID: W-10-0U01-000-002-227-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD User Experience Program Installer — PID: W-06-1U00-000-002-227-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 getLanguageCodeValue :3666 Before split Language Code – EN-GB

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 getLanguageCodeValue :3675 After Split Language Code – EN

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 InstallMan::getBuildInfoForUI :207 Laguage code is : EN

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::009 InstallMan::getBuildInfoForUI :238 Release Date: 09/23/2020

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::067 InstallMan::performMyState :1620 Finished Process : 3.458624 seconds.

    2020-11-19::12:01:26::272 sendGoogleAnalytics :988 Successfully sent HttpQueryInfo to: /r/collect?v=1&_v=j33&aip=0&a=153463489&t=event&ni=1&_s=1&dl=http%3A%2F%2Finstaller%2F&ul=en-GB&de=UTF-8&dt=driver-installer&ec=application&ea=launch&el=driver-installer&tid=UA-55985825-1&cd1=http%3A%2F%2Finstaller%2F&cd3=driverinstaller&cd17=(not%20set)&cd24=adult&cd35=(not%20set)&cd37=694C-C0%7C%7C%7C%7C&cd38=1002%7C%7C%7C%7C&cd41=8086%7C%7C%7C%7C&cd42=Intel(R)%20Core(TM)%20i7-8809G%20CPU%20@%203.10GHz&cd43=WindowsRS&cd44=64&cd45=en-GB&cd46=(not%20set)&cd47=(not%20set)&cd48=en-GB&cm1=(not%20set)&ds=INSTALLER&cid=f17f971f-12e0-4af3-a8ec-55d1cf33f610&an=INSTALLER&av=%7C20.20.31.01-200923a-359518E-RadeonSoftwareAdrenalin2020&z=5137437659

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::068 DriverDetailsModel::getInstalledMajorReleaseVersio:333 Release Version key not found in 2D Path.

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::068 InstallMan::isDisplayDriverEligibleToInstall :2205 Display driver Eligible to Install

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::082 IsSnapSettingEligible :2713 Radeon setting is not running. System is not eligible for snap settings.

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::082 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD Display Driver — PID: W-06-0001-000-001-001-001-00-00

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::082 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2610 WorkAround Eligible Package name: AMD Display Driver — PID: W-06-0001-000-001-001-001-00-00 — WorkAround Stage : WA_POSTUNINSTALL,

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::082 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD HDMI Audio driver — PID: W-06-0001-000-001-039-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::082 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD Settings — PID: W-10-0U01-000-002-192-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::082 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: Branding64 — PID: W-10-0U03-000-002-194-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::082 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD WVR64 — PID: W-10-0U01-000-002-227-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:29::082 CDetectionMgr::updateEligibleWorkAroundList :2572 Eligible Package name: AMD User Experience Program Installer — PID: W-06-1U00-000-002-227-001-00-25

    2020-11-19::12:01:37::855 InstallMan::performMyState :1448 performMyState: IM_INSTALL

    2020-11-19::12:01:37::857 ProgressEvent::StartEvent::<lambda_2297be43831d730:121 Starting event: PreInstall

    2020-11-19::12:01:38::006 ProgressEvent::EndEvent::<lambda_19eb4161bac8c4e04:131 Finished event: PreInstall

    2020-11-19::12:01:38::022 InstallMan::performInstall:: Performing multi threaded install

    2020-11-19::12:01:38::022 ProgressEvent::StartEvent:: Starting the install of AMD Display Driver……

    2020-11-19::12:01:43::012 ProgressEvent::EndEvent:: Starting the install of AMD Settings……

    2020-11-19::12:01:43::297 PackageMan::installDriver :929 ERROR The driver install of C:\AMD\Win10-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-Edition-20.11.1-Nov6\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\U0359518.INF has failed. Error code returned: 0x00000002. Corresponding HRESULT code: 0x80070002. For more details, please see which is located in %SystemRoot%\inf

    2020-11-19::12:01:43::297 PackageMan::installPackages :570 ERROR Expired workaround code reached. This should be cleaned-up.

    2020-11-19::12:01:43::297 PackageMan::installPackages :632 —PackageMan -> Install of AMD Display Driver has failed. Error code = -2147024894 The system cannot find the file specified.

    2020-11-19::12:01:43::298 PackageMan::installPackages :505 —PackageMan -> Starting the install of AMD HDMI Audio driver……

    2020-11-19::12:01:44::387 PackageMan::installPackages :570 ERROR Expired workaround code reached. This should be cleaned-up.

    2020-11-19::12:01:44::387 PackageMan::installPackages :620 —PackageMan -> Install of AMD HDMI Audio driver is successful.

    2020-11-19::12:01:49::693 PackageMan::installPackages :620 —PackageMan -> Install of AMD Settings is successful.

    2020-11-19::12:01:49::693 PackageMan::installPackages :505 —PackageMan -> Starting the install of Branding64……

    2020-11-19::12:01:50::176 PackageMan::installPackages :620 —PackageMan -> Install of Branding64 is successful.

    2020-11-19::12:01:50::176 PackageMan::installPackages :505 —PackageMan -> Starting the install of AMD WVR64……

    2020-11-19::12:01:50::992 PackageMan::installPackages :620 —PackageMan -> Install of AMD WVR64 is successful.

    2020-11-19::12:01:50::992 PackageMan::installPackages :505 —PackageMan -> Starting the install of AMD User Experience Program Installer……

    2020-11-19::12:01:50::992 PackageMan::installFailedPackages :180 —PackageMan -> Starting the install of AMD Display Driver……

    2020-11-19::12:01:51::317 PackageMan::installDriverWithUpdatePlugAndPlay :852 —PackageMan -> Failed to call SetupCopyOEMInf.

    2020-11-19::12:01:51::317 PackageMan::installFailedPackages :204 —PackageMan -> The retry of install of AMD Display Driver has failed. Error code = 2 The system cannot find the file specified.

    2020-11-19::12:01:51::535 InstallMan::performInstall :569 perfrom special package installation

    2020-11-19::12:01:51::543 SummarizeInstallFailures :1364 AMD Display Driver W-06-0001-000-001-001-001-00-00 failed with error code: -2147024894 The system cannot find the file specified.

    2020-11-19::12:01:51::601 InstallMan::performMyState :1650 ERROR — InstallMan -> Caught an AMD Exception. Error code to display to user: 1603. Debug hint: “Install failure.”

    2020-11-19::12:01:51::620 sendGoogleAnalytics :988 Successfully sent HttpQueryInfo to: /r/collect?v=1&_v=j33&aip=0&a=153463489&t=event&ni=1&_s=1&dl=http%3A%2F%2Finstaller%2F&ul=en-GB&de=UTF-8&dt=driver-installer&ec=application&ea=installed&el=driver-installer&tid=UA-55985825-1&cd1=http%3A%2F%2Finstaller%2F&cd3=driverinstaller&cd17=dd%7C20.20.31.01-200923a-359518E-RadeonSoftwareAdrenalin2020&cd24=adult&cd35=(not%20set)&cd37=694C-C0%7C%7C%7C%7C&cd38=1002%7C%7C%7C%7C&cd41=8086%7C%7C%7C%7C&cd42=Intel(R)%20Core(TM)%20i7-8809G%20CPU%20@%203.10GHz&cd43=WindowsRS&cd44=64&cd45=en-GB&cd46=(not%20set)&cd47=(not%20set)&cd48=en-GB&cm1=(not%20set)&ds=INSTALLER&cid=f17f971f-12e0-4af3-a8ec-55d1cf33f610&an=INSTALLER&av=%7C20.20.31.01-200923a-359518E-RadeonSoftwareAdrenalin2020&z=7699999137

    2020-11-19::12:01:51::631 sendGoogleAnalytics :988 Successfully sent HttpQueryInfo to: /r/collect?v=1&_v=j33&aip=0&a=153463489&t=event&ni=1&_s=1&dl=http%3A%2F%2Finstaller%2F&ul=en-GB&de=UTF-8&dt=driver-installer&ec=application&ea=error%201603%7CRadeon%20Software%20installation%20has%20encountered%20a%20general%20error%20and%20cannot%20proceed.&el=driver-installer&tid=UA-55985825-1&cd1=http%3A%2F%2Finstaller%2F&cd3=driverinstaller&

    • JohnOrion says:

      Well that’s the extent of my technical knowledge, I’m afraid. Just be sure you’ve uninstalled the supported version along with Radeon Settings with Revo Uninstaller or the unsupported ‘hacked’ version with AMD Cleanup. Moreover, I noticed that when I uninstall with AMD Cleanup and reboot the system, after a while, Windows automatically updates the driver to an older Radeon driver. You can disable these automatic Windows hardware updates via Control Panel > System > Advanced Settings > Hardware > Device Installation Settings.

      Finally, be absolutely sure that you have followed the instructions concerning this ‘hack’ installation. Download Adrenalin drivers (Vega 64) from AMD > Unzip > Go to Device Manager > Display Adapters > Choose Microsoft Generic Display Driver or similar (which you should see instead of AMD/Radeon/Vega if you have correctly uninstalled the previous driver and not let Windows automatically update it to an older AMD driver), NOT Intel HD Graphics(!) > Update driver > Browse Drivers From Computer > Choose the unzipped Adrenalin folder/packages/drivers/display/wt64a_inf/ > Next > Browse either the c or the u inf files to find ‘RX Vega’ > Install.

  22. Thank you for the reply. Just to be sure i can only update with 20.9.1 and not with the newer version 20.11.2 is that correct? i will try again. i also have contacted AMD support but no response sofar…

    • JohnOrion says:

      It seems you haven’t had all of the information (I was advising you on the assumption that you knew the current state of AMD updates with Hades Canyon). Naturally I had assumed you had read the entire comment section as people have been talking about a different way to update the driver than what the post refers to. When Hades Canyon came out, Intel was providing the AMD driver updates. However, they were coming at a slow pace. Then someone noticed that you could in fact download and install drivers from AMD (Hades Canyon was even mentioned in the release notes). A few months later Intel officially began supporting AMD driver updates straight from AMD’s website. Unfortunately, this has now stopped as drivers newer than 20.4.1 will not install to Hades Canyon (you cannot finish the installation process). A workaround was found where you can donwload and install the very latest AMD drivers but for that you need to do a slight hack via the inf file. It was this process that I was advising you to do assuming that you knew the history and wanted the very latest AMD drivers by this unofficial, unsupported hack method.

      So just to be clear… Are you getting the error message when you are trying to install the very latest AMD drivers from AMD’s website using the traditional installation method by just downloading the Adrenalin installer and exucuting it (without any of this inf file hacking)? If you are, then that’s what’s supposed to happen as the newerst drivers do not support Hades Canyon anymore. What I recommend you to do is either use the 20.4.1 drivers that will install normally (you will get Radeon Settings software) or to use the inf file hack method that the last comments on this thread are referring to but with knowledge that this is a very experimental driver update and you will not get Radeon Settings software.

      As I mentioned earlier, AMD Cleanup is useful when you are doing the inf file hack update as uninstallers do not see the driver and therefore cannot uninstall it. However, if you are using the drivers that can be installed normally, using uninstallers might be better.

  23. Jonathan Gayl says:

    Every time Windows Insider updates it reverts to the May driver, so I download the latest AMD driver and install with the inf after the failed install extracts the files.

  24. frequentlyer says:

    what is the latest AMD driver you can install on Hades Canyon? According to my device manager i have AMD driver version 26.20.15019.19000 with driver date 28/02/2020 This was installed via the intel website. To get rid of all confusion what is the latest AMD driver which can be installed via the hack???

    • JohnOrion says:

      Did you read my reply to you? I answered to all of those questions. With the hack method you can install the newest AMD drivers from AMD’s website (there are no restrictions). For example, I installed Adrenalin 20.11.1 today via the inf hack method. As for supported drivers, I mentioned that Adrenali 20.4.1 can be installed normally and you get Radeon Settings software. I highly recommend you re-read all the posts to avoid confusion or lack of knowledge.

  25. yes i finally managed to install 20.11.2 with the inf. hack. Do not understand why it worked this time without error messages :-))

  26. David Smith says:

    Does anyone know if the Radeon Relive recording feature works with any of these newer hacked updates?

    I only get green screens with sound.

    Thanks for the information in the blog, I will try and install tomorrow.

  27. msrl says:

    since november 2020, the hacked driver is recording again.
    although, unfortunately, AMD and Intel support team doesn’t know to answer this question and it was acknowledged by people like me and you that cares about it. Big disgrace for those companies.

    you can download the latest driver i hacked from here:

    • David Smith says:

      Yes. No response, other than passing the book from both, Intel and AMD.

      Superstar, Thankyou for the driver and happy new year.

    • David Smith says:

      I finally managed to install it after disabling Integrity Checks on signed drivers. After it installed I got a few problems. Couldn’t run any games. No sign of the adrenaline software features.

  28. msrl says:

    Attached the new 21.2.1 version driver hacked by me.
    Quick reminder how to install:
    – Download the zip, unpack it.
    – Go to windows settings, Updates & security, Recovery, Advanced startup, Restart now, Troubleshoot, Advanced options, Startup settings. When Windows Starts up choose option 7 (Disable driver signature enforcement).
    – Go to the unzipped folder, run the Setup.exe.
    – When prompted “driver is not signed” continue anyway.
    – Error alert will appear at the installation end. it’s ok.
    – Go to Device Manager (right click on the Start button – then “Manage”) – Display adapters – Readon Rx Vega.
    – Open it – Driver tab, update driver, choose manually the folder of the driver under “I have disk” (…\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF)
    – Uncheck “Show compatible Hardware” and choose the first “Readon RX Vega” (NOT! Vega M GH…)
    – Accept everything, restart.


    • BastyJuice says:

      can you make version for non-whql-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-21.2.3-win10-64bit-feb22.exe or post a Tutorial how we Can Modify any Driver in FUTURE.

  29. Jan Dovrel says:

    I tryied everithing you write here….. still not working…. when i install drivers by “i have a disc” and chose firs VEGA driver… screen blinks and other one is showing some changes… But then both stay black… Nothing else happens :/

    I have:
    Intel HD Graphic 630


    Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

    Any time i try… some drivers when i update basic display adapter make black screen, others make NUC to freeze… Than i need to make safe mode and remove driver….

    Only thing that goes in my mind now…. Does need there to be both devices in graphic or just one?

    • JohnOrion says:

      Firstly, you do need both Intel HD Graphic 630 and AMD Drivers (which are installed by updating the Microsoft Basic Display Driver) with Hades Canyon. Secondly, from my experience, the issue is most likely that you are doing a step or two wrong. Before updating I’d recommend disabling Windows hardware updates (Control Panel > System > Advanced System Settings > Hardware > Device Installation Settings > No) and uninstalling the current AMD drivers with AMD Cleanup Tool (google and download it). As you are having issues, I’d suggest downloading the AMD drivers from AMD’s website (instead of the hacked driver) and unpacking the installation file. Just follow the instructions given in this comment section many times. At this point I’ve updated my AMD drivers with this method several times and never had an issue. You won’t get the Radeon Settings software via this method but I never saw the need for it anyway. Good luck!

  30. Jan Dovrel says:

    oooo and just to let you know…. Any time i try to instal any software from AMD like control panel or what is the name of software…. newer installed finishing… no software is working… it freezes or leave screens black like driver updating…..???

    Any help? Am i doing something wrong…?

    And BTW i have restarted PC by updates and make KEY 7 decision that make that check to be OFF…

    I really don’t have ideas what could be wrong…

    But it’s really shit if they stop supporting drivers… I pay alot for this device and now it’s just not working on both screens….

    If i leave that default drivers it wont freeze… that’s all

    • JohnOrion says:

      Couldn’t find your latest post for some reason so I’m answering to this one. I see you might be confused about the AMD drivers. So the last supported version is 20.4.1. You can install it normally (download and install like you would any app or software) without using any methods mentioned in this comment section. What this comment section is talking about is a kind of an unofficial way of installing newer versions (after 20.4.1) of AMD drivers that are not supported. So you can install the newers driver but you have to use the methods mentioned in this comment section.

      If you are having issues (perhaps you’re getting confused following the installation steps that are very specific but should not be that hard) with this unofficial method of getting the latest AMD drivers to work with Hades Canyon, I’d probably just install 20.4.1. You won’t have the latest drivers but you do have Radeon Settings and officially supported drivers.

      Yes, AMD drivers can only be applied to Basic Display Adapter Driver. Intel HD Graphics is different to AMD and obviously is still supported and updated by Intel for Hades Canyon.

  31. Jan Dovrel says:

    Does it matter whitch version of software i unpack? Some say last 2 versions are not supported… some say 20.2.2 would be the right… i am confused witch wone to chose?

    now i stop installing drivers by system advanced configuration…

    And remove all drivers by AMD remove utility…

    i leave Intel HD Graphic 630 as it is
    Date 8.1.2021

    And update just Basic Display Adapter
    Driver date 21.6.2006
    V 10.0.19041.1

  32. Jan Dovrel says:

    So i see that you all are trying advanced driver install… so the version that is not oficiali supported…

    But in cache… I am strugling to install normaly…

    I now remove windows update 20H2 and v2004
    I instal Intel HD Graphics 630 normaly igfx_win10_100.9168 package

    than i try to instal AMD VEGA drivers manualy from device manager by update drivers
    automaticaly with Adrenaline package

    no luck

    i try all versions of AMD drivers

    any idea? The ending results are black screen in intall process
    or freezeng afer reset

  33. BastyJuice says:

    Any News for Hacked Version of “non-whql-radeon-software-adrenalin-2020-21.2.3-win10-64bit-feb22.exe”

    • JohnOrion says:

      I am assuming you need Radeon Settings software. Otherwise, you can just install the current Adrenalin drivers from AMD’s website using the method provided in the comment section (like I have).

  34. Kevin Norbury says:

    Hi guys. I’ve installed 21.2.1 without any issue.
    I’m just wondering if there is any way to have the adrenaline software with this?
    I know it’s not a necessary thing to have, but I kinda liked having it when I was on 20.4.1

  35. kevin norbury says:

    Another thing to notice with the latest ‘hacked’ driver is that videos play in Demo mode (red line down the centre of the screen) with no way of disabling without Radeon Adrenaline software………….

  36. Kevin Norbury says:

    Actually guys, we can use adrenaline with the very latest drivers……
    I’m now on 21.2.3 with adrenaline working just fine….
    See this link for details on how to edit registry for fully functional radeon software:

  37. Kevin Norbury says:

    21.3.1 working just fine with Adrenaline as well with the above method………

  38. Kevin Norbury says:

    21.5.2 is working. Seems this method is going for the long haul……..

    • JohnOrion says:

      Agreed. I’ve updated my Hades Canyon to just about every latest version of Adrenalin drivers with the original hack (I’m not using the advanced hack where you get Radeon Settings to work by modifying registry) and never had any issues. I’m currently on 21.5.1 (will probably skip 21.5.2).

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