Panther Canyon i7 NUC available in Europe

HEADS UP: We have already reviewed the Panther Canyon i7 NUC.

Despite Intel reporting that Panther Canyon NUC will only be released to Asia Pacific markets Amazon in Europe is selling the Panther Canyon i7 NUC. I ordered mine last weekend and it was delivered today (expect a review soon!). Amazon Germany (~540 EUR) delivers for free to most EU countries and it seems it’s available on Amazon France as well:

So far only the i7 model with the taller chassis with 2.5″ SATA slot seems to be available. Have you seen any other places where either Panther Canyon or Tiger Canyon NUCs are really available for immediate delivery? Please let everyone know in the comments below!

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  1. ellip says:

    Hello Olli,

    I think that the Tiger Canyan are the most interesting NUC of 11. generation and maybe you will test the NUC11TNHi7 against your actual purchase!

    Best regards

    • Olli says:

      Hi ellip,

      Tiger Canyon is certainly interesting. They’re pretty similar with Panther Canyon though. Connectivity being the main difference of course. What’s the use case you have in mind for Tiger Canyon?

  2. jonas says:

    Are BEK (small height) also available? Do you have an Amazon link?

  3. Isabella says:

    Hi, Olli, thanks for the great post. I want to order but are the thin NUCs available? I guess they are NUC11TNK (K vs H). Thank you!

    • Olli says:

      NUC11TNK is the Tiger Canyon NUC whereas this post features the Panther Canyon NUC. They’re very similar though performance-wise, but very different connectivity-wise.

      • Isabella says:

        Wow. I didn’t know there were different versions. Do you know if Panther Canyon NUC will also be available in thin form?

      • Isabella says:

        Olli, please make a new post or update this post when thin form is available. Thanks. I will check back next week.

      • Isabella says:

        For anyone wondering NUC11TNK (thin) and NUC11TNH (thick) – these are “Tiger Canyon” NUC.

        And NUC11PAK (think) and NUC11PAH (thick) – these are “Panther Canyon” NUC.

        Both have the same processors (11th gen) but there are port differences.

        Tiger Canyon – doesn’t have audio port anymore (piece of shit!)

        Panther Canyon – has audio port so it’s good.

        So conclusion: you want to buy Tiger Canyon.

        • Isabella says:

          My apology – you want to buy “Panther Canyon” (because it has audio port).

          • Simon says:

            Are you sure? I think I noticed an audioport on the back, up in the left corner. Perhaps they moved it to the back panel, but it’s hard to see.

  4. Isabella says:

    Anyone knows where to buy NUC11TNK (thin NUC)?

  5. Isabella says:

    Hi Olli – we are all waiting for the review. :)

  6. Isabella says:

    Olli, we are dying – please the review!!

    • jonas says:

      That’s cool but Tiger Canyon has NO AUDIO PORT. It’s unusable in practice. Be careful!

      • Hans says:

        I have never used it. Where is the business/usecase?
        BT and audio via HDMI is the normal case

        • jonas says:

          I use Bose Companion computer speakers with my current NUC. These speakers have audio jack only.

          Also what does “BT” mean? And Audio via HDMI?? That’s something new. Can you attack regular audio jack to HDMI somehow and get sound? If so, then that’s something new to me and there is no problem that there is no audio-out port on Tiger Canyon.

          • vlado says:

            BT must be BlueTooth.

            And some monitors have HDMI IN and analog audio out.

            You can use USB Audio Adapter External Stereo Sound Card with 3.5mm Headphone and Microphone Jack 

          • jonas says:

            valdo, thanks for the info.

            Wow, what bullshit. First mobile phones remove ports, then laptops, now also desktops remove ports and require dongles. Dongles everywhere.

            And I can’t imagine using monitor speakers. I am using HiFi Bose Speakers. Monitor speakers don’t come close to real audio speakers.

            Total bullshit. Boycott Tiger Lak! Don’t buy that shit. Make Intel eat it.

  7. vlado says:

    Hello Olli,

    I tried to find out what is the Max power consumtion of the Xe GPU (96EU) @ 1300Mhz in Tiger Lake.

    Is it possible for you to stresstest the GPU only and to give me (us) some feedback.

    Try Aida64 or FurMark.

    Is the GPU capable to consume the whole 28W of Tiger Lake TDP or is it someting like 20W or 25W max?
    The NUC is perfect to test this because PL1 is set higher than 28W.

    • Olli says:

      When I run FurMark GPU Benchmark I can see that electricity consumption meter shows about 43 watts and the GPU-Z utility shows the following:

      Date , GPU Clock [MHz] , Memory Clock [MHz] , GPU Temperature [°C] , GPU Power [W] , GPU Voltage [V] , GPU Load [%] , Memory Used (Dedicated) [MB] , CPU Temperature [°C] , System Memory Used [MB] ,
      2021-02-21 09:30:29 , 100.0 , 1200.0 , 31.0 , 0.0 , - , 3 , 569 , 31.0 , 4002 ,
      2021-02-21 09:30:30 , 100.0 , 1200.0 , 43.0 , 0.1 , - , 3 , 705 , 44.0 , 4036 ,
      2021-02-21 09:30:31 , 1300.0 , 1200.0 , 35.0 , 16.7 , 0.775 , 91 , 740 , 35.0 , 4082 ,
      2021-02-21 09:30:32 , 1300.0 , 1200.0 , 35.0 , 20.5 , 0.775 , 99 , 740 , 37.0 , 4075 ,
      2021-02-21 09:30:33 , 1300.0 , 1200.0 , 36.0 , 20.3 , 0.775 , 100 , 740 , 36.0 , 4075 ,

      According to this, the GPU is taking 20 watts of power. Sorry for the messy paste but if you put that in a notepad maybe it makes more sense.

  8. Pat says:

    Got several ones today from this Link. Party time!

  9. Dennis says:

    Nowhere available and I mean it: nowhere…

  10. GM Datura says:

    Does the Tiger Canyon have a fucking IR receiver or not??

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