NUC Line-up

You’ll often see NUCs being referred to with their code name or with the codename of the CPU. I’m listing here the consumer-oriented NUCs that are generally well available. There are also more industrial NUCs that offer an enterprise-level feature set and product lifespan but often less performance and older generation CPUs than the consumer NUCs.

Entry-level NUCs

  • Previous: Arches Canyon (Apollo Lake)
  • Current: June Canyon (Gemini Lake)
  • Successor: unknown (Elkhart Lake/Jasper Lake?)

Mainstream NUCs

  • Previous: Frost Canyon (Comet Lake)
  • Current: Panther Canyon (Tiger Lake)
  • Successor: unknown


  • Previous: Hades Canyon
  • Current: Phantom Canyon
  • Successor: unknown

8 Responses

  1. Much rather be able to compare generation 5 vs 6.

  2. Ron says:

    Does anyone know that NUC7i7BNH model is too noisy ?

  3. Bob Sather says:

    What about the Z83-W Mini PC? Great little thin client machine with Windows 10 installed for $112 on Amazon. Intel must be selling a ton because Amazon has it listed as THE Best Seller Mini PC, but I can’t find ANY mention of this product on Intel Support sites. And when I say ANY, that means even the Intel Search function returns not found on Z83-W.

    • Rob says:

      You’re not gonna find that here since it’s not an official Intel NUC. It’s some cheap unbranded chinese box with one of the slowest chipsets generally found in low end tablets, it would be hell trying to use one of those.

  4. Ivo says:

    update would be appreciated here

  5. Jeff Mcneill says:

    Please update this line up is out of date.

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