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Fanless Bean Canyon Case from Akasa

Akasa has just informed me that they have a new fanless case for the Bean Canyon NUC. It is called Plato X8 and it is compatible with all Bean Canyon NUC models up to...


Tranquil PC has fanless Broadwell systems now

Tranquil PC has released a first fanless 3rd party case for the Broadwell i3 and i5 NUC. The Abel M2 case is sold in two different versions, with and without a RS232 serial port....


Fanless NUC alternative from Gigabyte for XBMC use

This is not really a NUC, but it’s a low cost out-of-the-box fanless NUC-sized PC – Something that many would like to see in the NUC lineup. Gigabyte has released an interesting NUC-sized miniature...