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Comet Lake i5 NUC Review (NUC10i5FNK / NUC10i5FNH)

The i7 model of Intel’s NUC 10 Performance hit the shelves already early this year but the i3 and i5 models have only recently started to be available. I’ve already written articles about the...


Comet Lake i7 NUC Review (NUC10i7FNH/K)

It is again that time of the year when Intel’s latest mainstream NUCs hit the shelves. This is the bread and butter 4×4 inch NUC that has existed since the beginning of the Intel...


Intel Releases NUC10 on Their Website

Intel has finally released the Comet Lake NUC (Frost Canyon) on their website. The technical product specifications document was available already earlier this week, so there are’s not much new information available out there,...