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Akasa Newton JC Fanless Case for Gemini Lake NUCs

We all know Akasa makes fanless cases for Intel NUCs but how many of you have really seen one live? I certainly hadn’t and I always somehow thought that Akasa NUC cases are expensive...


Infrared Receiver Issues on Gemini Lake NUCs

I’ve been changing my NUCs back and forth recently and noticed that there’s something odd about the CIR receiver on my NUC7PJYH. I did update the BIOS recently to version 0045, but didn’t notice...

First Major BIOS Update for NUC7CJYH (Gemini Lake NUC) 18

First Major BIOS Update for NUC7CJYH (Gemini Lake NUC)

Intel has released the BIOS version 0037 for Gemini Lake NUCs NUC7CJYH and NUC7PJYH. There seems to be quite a significant amount of fixes in the release notes, although I didn’t notice a significant...