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Infrared Receiver Issues on Gemini Lake NUCs

I’ve been changing my NUCs back and forth recently and noticed that there’s something odd about the CIR receiver on my NUC7PJYH. I did update the BIOS recently to version 0045, but didn’t notice...


Gemini Lake NUC (NUC7CJYH) Listed by Several Online Stores

An alert reader brought up to my attention that the upcoming Gemini Lake NUC (NUC7CJYH) is now listed on several websites available for preordering. For example, ShopBLT.com lists it here and CompSource here. While...


Gemini Lake CPU Specs Are Out

The specifications for the Gemini Lake CPUs are finally out. The quad-core Intel Pentium Silver J5005 processor will power the upcoming NUC7PJYH model and the dual-core Intel Celeron J4005 CPU will be found in...