Latest BIOS

Here you can find the links to the latest BIOS versions for various NUC models. If you’ve spotted a newer version, let me know in the comments section! I recommend download the .BIO file, placing it on a freshly formatted USB stick and restarting the computer while pressing F7 at boot to upgrade the BIOS. Read the detailed instruction here.

Kaby Lake NUC

  • NUC7i3BNH/K, NUC7i5BNH/K and NUC7i7BNH: BIOS version 0052 (9/18/2017)
  • HDMI firmware update (LSPCon) for Kaby Lake: 1.66

Apollo Lake NUC

  • NUC6CAYH and NUC6CAYS: BIOS version 0041 (8/25/2017)
  • HDMI firmware update (LSPCon) for Apollo Lake: 1.66

Skylake NUC

  • NUC6i7KYK: BIOS version 0050 (8/31/2017), HDMI 2.0 Firmware (needs Windows and HDMI 2.0 screen for updating)
  • NUC6i3SYH/K and NUC6i5SYH/K: BIOS version 0062 (8/31/2017)

Broadwell NUC

  • NUC5i3RYH/K, NUC5i5RYH/K and NUC5i7RYH: BIOS version 0362 (1/18/2017)

Haswell NUC

  • D34010WYK and D54250WYK: BIOS version 0045 (3/2/2017)

Braswell NUC

  • NUC5CPYH and NUC5PPYH: BIOS version 0062 (3/8/2017)

Bay Trail NUC

  • DN2820FYKH: BIOS version 0057 (3/3/2017)