Dawson Canyon Commercial i7 NUC Announced

I know most of you here are interested in Intel’s consumer line of NUCs, but they also do industrial or commercial NUCs that have certain features that are missing from the consumer line such as vPro. These units are meant for more demanding 24/7 operations and part availability is also guaranteed by Intel for a longer period of time vs. the consumer line.

Simply NUC announced today that they’ll be taking pre-orders for the i7 model. It comes in three (four if you count the board-only option) variants: the tall chassis with 2.5″ SATA slot (NUC7i7DNHE), slim model without 2.5″ drive support (NUC7i7DNKE) and the fanless (NUC7i7DNFE). These models will be shipping end of March or early April.


Some highlights include:

  • Intel Core i7-8650U quad-core Kaby Lake-R CPU with boost up to 4.2GHz, 15W TDP
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620 integrated GPU
  • two HDMI 2.0 connectors ([email protected]), HDMI CEC capabilities
  • vPro and AMT Remote Management features
  • vPro and TPM 2.0 as well as all Intel processor Security and Advanced features
  • Intel 8265 Wireless-AC, IEEE 802.11ac 2×2 (867Mbps) + Bluetooth v4.2 pre-installed
  • Intel i219-LM Gigabit Ethernet adapter

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  1. teemat88 says:

    is there a 8th version around the corner? i think its bean canyon later this year..

    im confused why is this out now when theres a new gen coming anyway this year?

    • Mookid says:

      This is not yet out, that’s why.
      Intel has been focusing lately on doing paper launches instead of providing wide availability of real products on shelves in many markets. I don’t think it is realistic to expect to purchase this before june, and the next gen could be paper launched in 2018 but definitely not on shelves in 2018, maybe mid 2019.

    • yttrium says:

      Despite being labelled as a NUC7i7 model, it’s actually using a Kaby Lake Refresh chip, so it’s the same silicon we’re expecting in the 8th gen NUCs. Whilst technically Dawson Canyon, it’s more like the featureset of Dawson Canyon with the actual components of Bean Canyon (upcoming).

      • teemat88 says:

        thanks for replying im not sure about this stuff so any info helps!

        On the other post here at nucblog it says
        “The Celeron model will be available first and should be coming before the end of the year and the Pentium version will be released in January.”

        Which refers to NUC7PJYH (Pentium J5005, 2.8GHz quad-core, 10W) which is the 8th Gen nuc as well as the celeron.

        Anyway it said January so i was thinking this will be out in UK around march or april?

        Also same with the i3 i5 i7 versions –

        “Available on the second half of 2018. Models are called NUC8i3BEH/K, NUC8i5BEH/K and NUC8i7BEH/K.”

        So they should be all out later this year?

  2. Pac says:

    Bean, pls.

  3. Jorge says:

    I really like the new vPRO funtion in the new models, especially for my home labs servers.

    I wish a nuc with 64gb ram

  4. Iarn says:

    I think it’s odd for a “commercial” computer to offer dual HDMI and no displayport option.

  5. Oliver says:

    Someone knows something about the power consumsion?

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